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Dating is mostly an art with little science and it basically involves good conversations where you find out important facts or fictions about your date hopefully ahead of the date and definitely during a date. If you are not a good conversationalist then you should at least learn how to ask the right relevant questions, listen intently, and follow this up with appropriate responses to the answers.

Once you learn what to ask a potential date or actual date you can then proceed to practice your new skill set in real life assuming that you have some prerequisites. Preparation for dating is of utmost importance. If you have a lousy job or not job at all and have a lousy personality with bad communications skills then frankly you are not a good date until you get your shit together. Once you can function well independently financially your confidence should grow and you will develop self confidence which will greatly increase your attractiveness factor assuming that you are not an ass hole.

The key to successful dating is being a woman a man needs and being a man a woman needs! If you have integrity, are moral, trustworthy, dependable, competent, friendly, encouraging, and have a good job then you are someone a spouse needs. Yes, realize that this is an ideal standard and many of us do not meet all these requirements for a long duration marriage. So spend your young adulthood trying to meet those standards as much as possible before you commit your life to a hopefully enduring relationship.

This book should improve your communications skills, show you how to create good first impressions, and eventually become a good date. What you actually do with this detailed information is ultimately up to you. Best wishes. Uldis

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