Historically Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Reagan were charismatic leaders who were well educated, principled leaders with a gift for oratory and put America first. Sadly Lincoln, Kennedy, and Martin Luther King were assassinated and Reagan barely survived an assassination attempt. Today we have the flawed charisma of Trump and no one else in the Republican nor Democratic party with true leadership potential who puts America first.

Most politicians are just establishment hacks with no clear vision of where to lead America and are content with being financed by big money and fear being blacklisted by big tech firms and the dogmatic ideologically driven establishment media. Mob mayhem has currently engulfed America, especially in Democrat cities, and there is no clear leadership except rumors that Marxists are the root cause of the mayhem.

As I see it the mobs are largely young adults, probably unemployed and poorly educated, who are spreading their idiotic graffiti on statues, buildings, and streets. Statues seem to be the latest focus of their destructive tendencies. First demolish confederate figures and then extend this to all statues predating the sixties including the founding fathers. Any white historical figure must have had some racist tendencies so they are all now unworthy of glorification. If the mob had their way they would probably want to nuke Mount Rushmore.

Ask the mob what a Marxist is and they probably don’t know. Ask them what a communist is and they probably don’t know that either.  Ask the mob what the constitution says and they probably don’t know anything about it. I personally don’t care what the mob is protesting because they have no clear ideology or leadership and the political deadlock in Washington just guarantees that nothing will be done in the long duration. Everyone in Washington is just waiting for the pandemic to pass and Trump to be defeated so that the establishment can return to business as usual with the big banks, big corporations, and corporate control of politics and the country.

Why is the stock market doing so well? Small business is being decimated and money is flowing into international big corporate pockets. The mob is powerless to stop this globalist international trend which will continue long after Trump is out of office. We have nothing to fear from mob mayhem which will eventually subside without any clear leadership to push it further. Organized globalists and their ideology are our true long duration enemy and not the leaderless mob.

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