Our notion of free will depends on how we chose to define free and will which are two words that we are supposedly trying to relate or find a correspondence.

The best way to define free is to say that free is the freedom to behave without bounds or limits. One thing that we could all agree on is that young children with a poorly developed moral or ethical sense or beliefs have fewer bounds or limits on their behavior than adults who believe in ethical principles which limit their behavior options. On the other hand adults can do many more physical behaviors than children like drive a car, fly an airplane, play tennis, go to a restaurant or go anywhere as far as your budget will let you. So adults have more freedom to do things which children can’t do for physical, financial, or legal reasons.

Will is really a desire so we can talk about all the desires which you might have. Some desires are tied to the real world so they are desires which are real and achievable and some desires are imaginary and not bounded or limited by real world constraints. So desires can be imaginary like wanting to travel to a distant solar system or real desires like wanting to eat a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and bread. Imaginary desires seem to have no limits or boundaries but real desires are limited by our physical, financial, and legal existence.

So instead of free will ask the question is there such a thing as free desires? The answer is that imaginary desires are freer than physical desires but both are limited or bounded by our knowledge and ability to fulfill those desires. So free desires are really unbounded or unlimited desires which we can all have to some extent. An example of an unlimited desire would be a desire to be the richest human in the universe. Another example of unlimited desire is wanting to be a god who is omniscient and omnipotent.

Many humans confuse the fact that free will or free desires are not the same thing as free choice or the freedom to choose. Unlimited or boundless choices are not realistic but imaginary. The freedom to choose among limited or specified options is often real. You can’t choose to eat any animal in the universe which would be an unlimited choice but you can chose to eat any meat offered in the restaurant or supermarket which has limited choices.

So do we have free will or free desires without limits? Yes, but they are imaginary which some humans call illusions.

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