To understand what the world will be like in the future in most developed nations all that one has to do is to primarily follow global trends in economics, education, science, technology, the environment, and politics.

Economically international banks and international corporations have most of the money and political power in an increasingly interdependent trading world. It is becoming a fact of life that almost no nation can isolate itself and still survive in a technologically and economically interconnected world.

Most humans will be working for an international corporation or the government at standardized wages. Many will be on temporary or permanent welfare retraining to get back into the workforce due to displacement by robots and computer software or living on permanent welfare because they no longer qualify for a paying job and reeducation and new skill training is no longer a realistic option.

STEM education will be for the elite workforce in science, technology, engineering, and math. The rest of the workforce will be vocationally trained for the better paying jobs and many in service fields with customer interaction. I didn’t mention the entertainment field specifically since it is really a service field or profession which may change radically in the future with virtual or simulated actors, musicians, and athletes a distinct possibility.

Audio visual individualized computer and/or robot instruction will gradually replace the need for actual teachers in the class room beyond elementary school. Gone will be the days of a robotic human teacher trying to teach high school physics to 130 or so students a day or a professor or professor’s assistant trying to teach a class of 100 or so students in an auditorium style setting.

Each student will be able to progress at his slow or fast pace through the coursework and never be bored or totally lost in confusion. In elementary school  human teachers will largely be responsible for teaching students moral or ethical principles and behavior and how to interact appropriately with other students in a peaceful non violent way.

Science and technology will be at the vanguard of future progress and development in the modern world with the internet playing a dominant role in censoring and disseminating information throughout the modern world. Even seemingly complex fields such as medicine and the law will be computerized to a large extent and traditional human decision making will be largely done by computer software after the proper information is inputted via sensors and/or human input. Job modifications and displacement will be rampant as software continues to redefine what a human can and can’t do on the job.

The struggle to maintain sustainable organic farming and manufacturing thus minimizing pollution to the environment in a world of decreasing natural resources, especially wilderness areas, will become very important if future generations are to survive and lead healthy lives.

Globalization, concentration of wealth, and the internet means that politics will increasingly become totalitarian in nature with an emphasis on the collective rather than on individual rights. Constitutions will be modified to make totalitarian rule more possible as individuals will have less and less say as what they can do with their lives. There will probably be a ruling class of elite of technocrats. The rest will merely be slave like workers working for small wages for international corporations or businesses and the rest will be on some form of permanent welfare since they won’t be skilled enough nor educated enough to qualify for a paying job.

So with the above rather advanced civilization specializing in STEM skills how will the average human fare and how can the average human survive without falling into a depression about the lack of job security?

If you are average and ambitious then perhaps the only way of making more than a paltry salary is to eventually save up enough money to invest in a vocational service business such as organic farming, landscaping, carpentry or house and commercial property rehabbing, plumbing, electrical repair, auto and truck collision or repair, air conditioning or heating repair and installation, solar panel and wind turbine repair and installation, health care, especially repair and installation of healthcare apparatus, some franchise business such as food, child care, pet, laundry, fitness, health, etc.

Frankly the above vocational professions are mostly valid for a relatively small town of about 100 thousand people and if you want to have a thriving growing business then maybe relocating to a larger town or city would be the smart thing to do. There are frankly many more possible professions in a large city than in a smaller one so be prepared to move out of your small town once you get enough education to qualify for the job that you really want to thrive in.

In developed countries the modern world will mean a constant struggle to escape becoming obsolete at a job. Education and self education throughout a lifetime is a distinct possibility for most who don’t give up and become permanent members of the obsolete welfare class which will rapidly grow in numbers.

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