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Technology and cultural decay means population and political decline

In a poor agrarian economy where family farmhand offspring are important for growth and old age security families are large and the population soon outstrips the food supply and results in famine and subsistence living for many. In a modern industrialized economy there is a population decline due to birth control and little value placed on committed family life due in large part to a decaying culture and a relatively easy life when compared to past civilizations.

Pill or birth control for women and condoms for men are effective and when mistakes are made with unwanted pregnancies abortion is the logical choice. The frequency of sex is no longer tied to the frequency of pregnancy as was the case before birth control.

Cultural decay is occurring worldwide but I am going to address the situation in the United States. As a sweeping statement you can say that good parental heterosexual role models have drastically been reduced in number throughout the population. The traditional biblical preaching of honor your father and mother has been replaced by a hedonistic culture which largely preaches do what feels good and follow your dreams. With so many dysfunctional parents it is no wonder that offspring no longer respect their parents the way that they used to.

What creates a dysfunctional parent? A parent that is addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, profanity, arguments, promiscuity, is financially irresponsible, is ignorant about good human relationships, and is hooked on entertainment and having a “good” time. I didn’t include the seven deadly sins which many suffer from, of which laziness, gluttony, selfishness, and excessive pride are just four.

Other than too much self preoccupation another very important reason for the population decline is financial insecurity. Over half the population is surviving on little more than minimum wage and successful traditional male breadwinners with adequate salaries to support offspring have drastically decreased. Females want the security of a successful male breadwinner who can support and care for offspring and self absorbed male candidates who don’t pull their fair share of the finances are not high priorities for females who want to settle down with a family.

Politically the leadership reflects the decline in morality of the populace. They have been corrupted by money mostly supplied by the globalists with their international banks and corporations that are enslaving the world and creating a large labor force enslaved at low salaries to work for international corporations. Yes, there is still the freedom to change jobs but it is probably just working for another big corporation.

The rights of the individual are being oppressed with an emphasis on the collective ruled by a tyrannical single party that uses the media and big tech to purge or blacklist any opposition to their dogmatic socialist big government ideology. The bill of rights of the constitution is being gradually destroyed by politically biased judges who pass unconstitutional laws that the supreme court does not object to. Eventually I predict that there will probably be one party rule with politically appointed judges who will transform the USA into a tyrannical hellhole.

So in conclusion, bad education with poor job prospects, birth control, poor parental role models, media not advertising healthy family life, and bad addictions are the primary reasons why the birth rate is declining as well as the total population.

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