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A patriot who is a globalist gourmet

Politically I bemoan the fact that globalism is destroying America and the ideology and constitution that made it great. In one major area I must admit that I am promoting globalism with my gourmet addiction to global food and drink. Supposedly you are what you eat and judging by my international diet I could accurately be accused of being a globalist at heart.

When it comes to food and drink I am using my dollars promoting the best organic food that America has to offer and peppered with international cuisine selections. Not all my “exotic” choices will appeal to your taste buds but I will just start off by saying – experiment a little, taste it and spit it out if you don’t like it. What do you have to lose except perhaps a small fraction of your food budget?

What you may gain is the tasty satisfaction of another healthy addition to your mundane daily food and drink intake. Many claim that variety is the spice of life. Frankly most of your new food experiments will crash and burn since the food may be too salty, to spicey, too sweet, or an acquired taste. But once you find something tasty, gorge on it until you find it has lost its initial appeal, especially if it is a slightly pricey luxury.

Ultimately the internet is the best source for new pricey tasty international foods but experimenting with a picky taste and being charged outrageous shipping fees every time is something my budget and conscience can’t handle.

Big cities have an advantage in having a greater variety of international foods and drinks but even if you live in the boon docks you can still volume order online with  one large shipping charge. I live in Daytona Beach Florida and even here there are some local specialty stores that I support so that they hopefully continue to stay in business. There is a Russian store, an Asian store, and about 7 other stores that I frequent on a regular basis to get my food and drink supply. To say that I am a picky and unique eater is an understatement.

In the Russian store for myself, I buy Russian buckwheat and kefir, Lithuanian rye bread, Latvian sprats or sardines, Estonskaja sausage and hot smoked whitefish from Brooklyn NY, salmon caviar, yogurt drink from California, and Icelandic cod liver. I love an original recipe blood sausage but my experimentation has not led to an acceptable brand product which may perhaps exist on the internet.

In the Asian store I buy roasted seaweed, mung bean vermicelli, kimchee, organic miso paste from Japan, and Udon noodles.

From other local stores I buy quinoa, carambola fruit, unicorn or trigger fish fillets, crab claw meat, Argentinian red shrimp, venison pork sausage, New Zealand lamb chops, octopus, Italian proscuitto, Jarlsburg swiss cheese, Irish butter, German arabica coffee, organic whole milk, and buttermilk. Yes, I also buy a lot of common foods at the local food stores but they are not rare enough to be mentioned. So in conclusion, be brave and challenge your taste buds with a new international food and drink experiment. You can consider yourself lucky if one out of ten of your choices will be a winner in the personal taste category. Enjoy, especially if you are bored or have overdosed on bad political news and feel there is nothing interesting going on in your life right now!

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