Defense:  n. an action(s) whose goal(s) is to prevent a change in a subset(s)

Whether you are defending your territory against aggression or whether you are defending your beliefs against opposing ones, a defense basically tries to prevent change in something and you take actions whose goal is to conserve something from destruction and/or undesirable change.

A defense against a physical assault is to try and prevent personal injury so you may take certain actions to defend yourself against harm.

In sports there are opposing teams and there are defensive actions taken against the competitor to try and assure that no goal or points are scored.

There is even a saying that the best defense is a good offense and this is true in historical wartime where a blitzkrieg and rapid troop movement is superior to defensive actions such as the Maginot line.

ISIS was successful in taking much territory in Iraq because of rapid and decisive offensive actions against a cowardly theoretically superior equipped defensive force. A brave armed moral citizenry could have successfully defended against ISIS and a brave armed moral citizenry can protect a nation from tyrannical takeover.

In sportsmanlike competitions unfortunately a balanced approach is usually the best of both worlds where you try to have both a very good defense and a very good offense.

In a terrorist war some defense is necessary but ultimately excellent intel and an ability to take out the leadership at will is what is necessary. If you don’t create fear in the leadership of a terrorist outfit then they pretty much can operate at will and do their dastardly deeds quite successfully. Even succeeding one percent of the time can still be classified a successful terrorist operation because of the tremendous fear it creates in the general public, especially with the help of a complicit worldwide media blitz.

You will never have a successful defensive war against a lone wolf terrorist who can pretty much plot a dastardly deed incognito and unleash the violent furry at will. Lone terrorists are simply something which future societies will have to live with and tolerate as long as guns and explosives are prevalent in society or in the world. Guns and explosives which can either be bought, smuggled, or stolen.

Even if guns and explosives are excluded from the entire world there will still be assaults with knives, self made bows and arrows, etc. The best defense against violence is to have a moral citizenry which does not tolerate immorality and insists on lengthy incarceration for repeat violent offenders.

I would simply recommend that the mass killings by mentally ill humans not be publicized as much and not become political footballs by the media. Massive attention given to mass killings just promotes copycat killers in the future who also delusionally want to leave their terrible quite rare violent statistical mark on society and gain their few days of international infamy.

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