Broadly speaking there are important external foreign threats and important internal national threats which a vast majority have no personal control over. Then there are external personal threats and internal personal threatening dysfunctions which can be blamed on bad parenting, bad education, bad addictions, character flaws, and faulty beliefs and opinions.

The major ongoing national foreign threat is the criminal CCP of China which lies, steals, and even murders to maintain tyrannical national power. The CCP plans to dominate economically and strategically via a strong military as much of the world as possible using lies, theft, and murder if it furthers the national objectives. Fortunately the rest of the world is waking up to the unethical colonial like ambitions of the CCP and frankly may fear China but no longer respects China as a reliable potential ally and a friendly or benign nation.

Scarier 4 foreign threats are cyber warfare, biological warfare, nuclear warfare, and EMP or electromagnetic pulses from a nuclear explosion in orbital space which can totally disrupt internet communications and electronic grids with deadly consequences for entire nations.

Fortunately no nation would probably own up to these four kinds of warfare because that nation would be automatically attacked and destroyed by counter measures. It would be a form of suicide to even try to unleash such devastation. We are talking here about a form of feared assured mutual destruction which is a major reason why we haven’t had a nuclear war yet and why biological and cyber warfare is quite unlikely on a massive scale. Sure, we will probably have more pandemics in the future and more ransomware and malware attacks on private businesses and government entities but wholesale destruction is highly unlikely to occur in the near future.

The major ongoing national internal threats are an out of control national debt, too high taxes, and censorship of moral or ethical free speech which is an invitation to tyrannical or authoritarian rule by the government and monopolistic big tech. The national debt can be reduced by less government spending coming from a smaller government and eliminating a lot of laws hampering the prosperity and expansion of small businesses which are now really competing against international corporations which makes it an unfair competition with monopolistic oppression.

Censorship of moral free speech is a serious looming threat because if you can’t freely express your political or social views in public and in public forums then imposition of censoring tyrannical or authoritarian rule is inescapable and individual human rights and liberties are going to be gradually extinguished.

External personal threats to children and adults are internet criminals, pollution of education with toxic academic ideologies such as forced diversity and cancel culture which are assaults on meritocracy, individual responsibility, the work ethic, and moral or ethical free speech. Lowered educational standards make us less competitive with the rest of the world.

Addictive illegal and legal drugs are perhaps the greatest personal threat with a practice of escaping reality by taking a pill for anything which may trouble you. Pills or drugs are often an escape from reality and seldom cure what ails you but rather complicates your life with side effects which further exacerbate depression, anxiety, and mental illness in one form or another.  Tabloid like media, and a culturally ignorant new generation not schooled in the constitution and moral or ethical principles are all personal external threats.

Some are beginning to argue that tech tools which are the internet, social media and their content are harmful to the young generation mentally and physically. But used properly the internet and social media are great sources for self education and local, national, and international communication, especially for adults.

Libel, slander, and violence threats are realistic concerns for the internet and social media. Less clear is what if anything should be done with insults, ridicule, put downs, name calling, humiliation, and severe criticism which far too many are beginning to label as “hate speech” which is to be aggressively censored and blacklisted. But who should have the power to censor and blacklist “hate speech” and is it even wise to try and do so?

Internal personal dysfunctions are also a major threat to the inhabitants of America. Personal addictions to legal and illegal drugs, alcoholism, gambling, promiscuity, pornography, excessive shopping, gluttony, and pedophelia can all be contributary causes to personal, family, and social dysfunctions causing a lot of unhappiness and misery, divorce, economic hardship, and even bankruptcy. Too many come from dysfunctional single parent homes and fewer and fewer have happy heterosexual role model parents and peers who are drug free and have integrity, are dependable, hardworking, ambitious, competent, and have a healthy positive attitude on life.

So in conclusion, America will probably not be destroyed overnight but will continue to decline economically and culturally and the individual will gradually lose more freedoms. Will tyrannical or authoritarian control by the government be our future? Only time will tell.

Draconian oppression by the government will probably not work in the long run since there is considerable rising resistance to oppressive government lockdowns and vaccine mandates. If we lose our freedoms then it will probably be by gradually introducing oppressive national laws which are then enforced by corrupt judges, the FBI, and local police.

The biggest threats to America should not lurch you into panic mode and Armageddon like fears. Awareness of the threatening problems is the first step towards starting to mitigate the threats, especially the personal internal and some external personal threats which you have the most potential control over through courageous and determined action. Most important of all, put your money where your mouth is and monetarily support authors, digital media, and organizations which most closely reflect your personal beliefs and opinions.

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