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A Patriot Who is a Globalist Gourmet

Politically I bemoan the fact that globalism is destroying America and the ideology and constitution that made it great. In one major area I must admit that I am promoting globalism with my gourmet addiction to global food and drink. Supposedly you are what you eat and judging by my international diet I could accurately be accused of being a globalist at heart.

When it comes to food and drink I am using my dollars promoting the best organic food that America has to offer and peppered with international cuisine selections. Not all my “exotic” choices will appeal to your taste buds but I will just start off by saying – experiment a little, taste it and spit it out if you don’t like it. What do you have to lose except perhaps a small fraction of your food budget?

What you may gain is the tasty satisfaction of another healthy addition to your mundane daily food and drink intake. Many claim that variety is the spice of life. Frankly most of your new food experiments will crash and burn since the food may be too salty, to spicey, too sweet, or an acquired taste. But once you find something tasty, gorge on it until you find it has lost its initial appeal, especially if it is a slightly pricey luxury.

Ultimately the internet is the best source for new pricey tasty international foods but experimenting with a picky taste and being charged outrageous shipping fees every time is something my budget and conscience can’t handle.

Big cities have an advantage in having a greater variety of international foods and drinks but even if you live in the boon docks you can still volume order online with  one large shipping charge. I live in Daytona Beach Florida and even here there are some local specialty stores that I support so that they hopefully continue to stay in business. There is a Russian store, an Asian store, and about 7 other stores that I frequent on a regular basis to get my food and drink supply. To say that I am a picky and unique eater is an understatement.

In the Russian store for myself, I buy Russian buckwheat and kefir, Lithuanian rye bread, Latvian sprats or sardines, Estonskaja sausage and hot smoked whitefish from Brooklyn NY, salmon caviar, yogurt drink from California, and Icelandic cod liver. I love an original recipe blood sausage but my experimentation has not led to an acceptable brand product which may perhaps exist on the internet.

In the Asian store I buy roasted seaweed, mung bean vermicelli, kimchee, organic miso paste from Japan, and Udon noodles.

From other local stores I buy quinoa, carambola fruit, unicorn or trigger fish fillets, crab claw meat, Argentinian red shrimp, venison pork sausage, New Zealand lamb chops, octopus, Italian proscuitto, Jarlsburg swiss cheese, Irish butter, German arabica coffee, organic whole milk, and buttermilk. Yes, I also buy a lot of common foods at the local food stores but they are not rare enough to be mentioned. So in conclusion, be brave and challenge your taste buds with a new international food and drink experiment. You can consider yourself lucky if one out of ten of your choices will be a winner in the personal taste category. Enjoy, especially if you are bored or have overdosed on bad political news and feel there is nothing interesting going on in your life right now!

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Potential Editor Submissions

Editor, these 3 article SUBMISSIONS have relevance today and will even be more relevant on into the foreseeable future.

The 1st article offers a solution to the globalist ownership vs. US private individual ownership economic imbalance.

The 2nd article is an overview of what the US may turn into if present day trends continue.

The 3rd article is a suggested new economic system which incentivizes financially responsible living.

Title1: How “MADE IN THE USA” can thrive again!

Title2: Danger: A general overview of a future globalist socialism

Title3: Capsocialism: A just national economic system

Uldis Sprogis,

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Title: How “MADE IN THE USA” can thrive again!

The state of the nation has changed dramatically since the founding fathers. A general desire not to be ruled by a monarch or tyrant has morphed into a dissatisfaction with the tyrannical business structure of international big money tech, international big business, and big national corporations. Big money uses the government loopholes and subsidies to enrich themselves further while keeping most of the population relatively poor and struggling from paycheck to paycheck. We have substituted the tyranny of the monarch for the tyranny of big money in the form of monopoly like tech and big business. You can almost say that we have become the slaves of the rich and powerful with no realistic ability to compete with them economically.

We used to produce things which the world wanted and needed and today there are very few things which we produce that the world wants more of or needs. Suddenly free international trade is a disadvantage to the United States.

Is there a traditional conservative capitalist solution to this economic dilemma if the tyrants are big rich capitalists themselves? The answer is clearly no. A perfect example was the organic food movement which promoted small independent family organic farms at its inception. What happened? Many organic farms were bought up by big business food companies and new independent small business organic farmers now have a harder time remaining independent.

USDA certified organic standards which are low to begin with are being lobbied by multinational food companies in an effort to reduce the standards even lower. Even worse much prime agricultural US land is being bought by foreign countries since the federal government and many state governments don’t have rules against foreign ownership.

The only possible solution to the problem is to NOT TAX the independent US organic farmers, independent organic farm distributors, and organic only independent retail establishments such as restaurants. If licensed independent US organic producers, distributors, and sellers CAN’T legally be bought up by big money then maybe there is a chance that capitalism in modified form can work again from the ground up. The result will be a return of wealth back to private, independent, single ownership in the long run. This is a just capitalistic redistribution of wealth with a small adjustment in government laws. It is not a brute force distribution by the government of wealth to many who don’t deserve it or haven’t earned it at taxpayer’s expense.

Perhaps the same solution can be applied to minimally polluting small licensed independent producers of goods made only in the United States with national resources only. Don’t tax them at all and don’t let big money buy them up! If we don’t tax them then it may become a David vs. Goliath economy where the small US business man or woman is not bullied or bought up by big money and they can prosper again for the benefit of the nation as a whole.

Yes, a just capitalistic system is still possible but the government laws and taxes must be changed to accomplish this in favor of the independent US producers only. Obviously if a small independent business sells foreign products then they will not escape taxation. Call this new approach national capitalism if you want.

Big business does not need to be taxed at higher levels but definitely eliminate all the legal loopholes and subsidies which make them pay almost no taxes at all and permit them to use and sell more and more foreign products.

Bad news. Politicians of either party have no real solutions to this economic dilemma except perhaps buying citizen votes with a guaranteed annual income and more socialist welfare spending thus making it attractive to live on a government dole and assuring government bankruptcy in the long run.

Join me in my crusade to resurrect the “made in the USA” small independent business man or woman by disseminating these ideas to as many humans as you can, especially if they are in powerful positions and can be movers and shakers in this crusade. Ultimately it is the profit motive which motivates change and if you can make a profit and pay no taxes at all then you will have an advantage over those who are paying taxes and promoting foreign goods.

Money changes the world and I have presented you with a revolutionary capitalist idea which could work in the real world if implemented. This nationalist idea, if implemented, can save the USA economically in the long run.  So, do you want to be a modern conservative national capitalist? Spread the faith and believe that the recommended changes will be made in the near future. Make “made in the USA” a proud symbol again before it is too late!

Title: Danger: A general overview of a future globalist socialism

Uldis Sprogis

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With the gradual collapsing of common morality or ethics in society the leadership, dominant in the legacy media, is beginning to proclaim that they are the moral leadership which will cure all social and economic ills with their socialist globalist ideology. The days of the individual with integrity, financial and family responsibility, and a love of country are biting the dust. Most of the leadership wants to forcefully redistribute the wealth of hard working middle class Americans to those who have earned almost nothing so that most can spend it by consuming the products of international corporations making these corporations even richer than before. The wealth and wage inequality grows and the rich benefit the most causing most of the population to subsist on meager wages.

This is what is actually going on and socialist ideology is what is making this gradual transformation of the American deficit economy into eventual third world status possible. “Free” money for paying off student loans, money for inefficient green energy projects, standardized medical care for everyone, a guaranteed national income, and generous support for illegal aliens is just the beginning of a never ending cycle of throwing money at a problem now and making it worse in the long run. The problem with socialism is that you soon run out of money for pet socialist projects, ruin the economy, and then have to restore order with draconian tyrannical approaches to governing a decimated nation.

Much American farmland is being purchased by foreign nations, American businesses are being bought up by other nations, and most insidious of all traditional American values of independence, responsibility, and hard work are being usurped by an egalitarian entitlement socialist ideology. This ideology preaches collective equality and decimates the idea of advancement based on individual merit and replaces it with advancement based on political affiliation and ideological belief. This is especially true in academia, the future source of American leadership. Yes, and future leaders may mostly be Democrats.

Trump was merely a temporary aberration for the globalists who will be laughing all the way to the bank with a Biden win. It is not just China who will be owning a lot of America but the globalists will own whatever is left over. Sad but true, America will probably not be great again because the globalists don’t want America to have nationalist protectionist tendencies.

Almost all knowledgeable conservatives are retreating into alt tech internet companies like Parler because they all know that big tech is censoring their conservative ideas and websites with bottom of the list search results. We now don’t have a fear of the monarchy which our founding fathers had but now have to fear the growing power of a tech monarchy. This tech monarchy is starting to censor moral free speech and is making it harder for intelligent conversations to exist in a realm of politically correct vocalizations which try to blacklist dissenting viewpoints, especially conservative ones.

Importing moral and technical talent from abroad is no longer that easy in an era of increasing civil unrest and economic decline. Talented individuals want to emigrate to a land of plenty and a land of opportunity and these national benefits are becoming scarcer with each passing year.

My largest concern is for the moral, ethical, or spiritual state of the common young American who is being brainwashed in our educational system to almost a moron status without a realistic knowledge of American history, the constitution, budgeting, and how to have a happy heterosexual family with responsible finances and good paying jobs.

What I actually believe and predict is that America will eventually be ruled by a technocratic elite and it probably won’t matter that much if the masses are poorly educated and brainwashed in a dysfunctional egalitarian socialist ideology and leading lives of dysfunctional desperate financial enslavement. Today the future does not seem very bright for the continued dominance of the USA both politically and economically in the world which is showing its new found economic muscle and ideological proclivity towards socialism.

Forceful redistribution of wealth is not the answer to future prosperity because producing things which the world needs and wants is the one and only true answer to our economic ills. The tragedy is that someone else in the world is producing things cheaper and they are things which we need and want and can no longer compete to produce ourselves. We are addicted to consuming the products of the world and we are producing little of what the world needs or wants.

America is rich in natural resources and long overdue are tax incentives to make manufacturing US goods competitive with the rest of the world. Utilizing robotics in manufacturing may be a partial answer. Educating more in STEM fields is a necessary long term solution.

Title: Capsocialism: A just national economic system

Uldis Sprogis

Does this need further editing?

International global capitalism has accelerated the wealth gap between the haves and the haves very little in almost every country at the expense of wilderness and wildlife and have established a wealthy ruling class in almost every country of the world. Once in power the way to maintain that power is to have a socialist ideology to assure that those in power will maintain rule over the mass of humans working for meager wages and drastically reduce the ability of the individual to compete with monopolistic dominance in the marketplace. Call it an aristocracy of the wealthy ruling over a new form of slave labor where you have the freedom to change jobs but only if you find another job working for another large corporation at similar low wages.

It is true that if you are unemployed and also destitute then you need a safety net of government assistance to survive in this world so you really need a form of socialism for the unemployed and also destitute. That said the government assistance should not be so great that it takes away your incentive to go back to work once you are on government welfare. Make government welfare too attractive to live on and the nation will eventually go bankrupt financially with no hope of recovery.

How do you put the incentive to live financially responsibly back into socialism which so desperately needs it?

Create two classes of citizens. One class the destitute and unemployed who are totally dependent on the government and the other a working class which is totally responsible for its own medical care, unemployment costs, and child support. If you bankrupt yourself with medical costs, unemployment costs, or child costs then you become a member of the destitute and unemployed class totally dependent on the government with a low standard of living and little free choice.

If you are totally dependent on the government then your voting rights will be less or a fraction of the voting rights of working citizens. You will lose your right to a motorized vehicle and be dependent on government door to door delivery of basic standardized needs such as food, drink, clothing, sanitary needs, cell phone, and computer and you will live mostly in high rise apartment dwellings with or without offspring.

If you are single then you will be sharing that apartment with other welfare recipients sleeping in bunk beds more than one to a room. In effect it should be a prison like system without locks so you have the incentive to go on the internet and get reeducated in a useful job which will result in mobility freedom and the luxury of purchasing what you want and when you want it. Yes, there will once again be an incentive to get back into the work force and enjoy basic luxuries such as food and drink which you like and a dwelling in a location of your personal choice.

Yes, incentive can be put back into a socialist system but you will need two classes of citizens with different political voting power so that those on welfare do not enslave the working class of citizens. What is this new updated form of socialism called? It can be called Capsocialism or a mixture of responsible capitalism with the social need for a safety net for the destitute and also unemployed.

EVERY HUMAN IS NOT EQUAL ALL THE TIME and if you are destitute and unemployed then you are not equal to the working citizens of a nation. One person one vote because everyone is equal all the time? No they are not! If everyone has equal voting power throughout their lifetime then communism is the long duration unjust result. Yes, as soon as you are employed you get back your full voting rights. The concept of human equality in its present form is outdated and needs radical revision.

Financially independent responsible healthy citizens and families are the necessary backbone of a just society and that means that you should be rewarded for being healthy, having a job, and responsibly taking care of your offspring. If you aren’t healthy, don’t have a job, and can’t take care of your offspring financially then you should be punished with a lower standard of living than the employed financially responsible humans.

This kind of a just society promotes the reproduction of healthy, educated, good parents who feel a caring responsibility for their offspring. Once again responsible citizens will be justly rewarded and financially irresponsible uneducated citizens without a job will be punished justly for their irresponsibility. There will be an incentive to remain healthy, to be educated with a job, and to have offspring only if you can afford them financially.

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Landing Your First Job With a High School Education or Less

Perhaps the hardest thing to do is to try and land a job without prior job experience. Another problem is that many jobs these days are part time jobs instead of full time jobs which pay less and will not pay your bills unless you are living with your parents or sharing living accommodations with more than one room mate. Another drawback is that if you have an expensive bad habit like smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking drugs then your expenses may quickly exceed your income and your on the job performance will suffer.

Another important consideration is to analyze your personality and determine whether you are a people person or have social skills or whether you are not good with people and are more of an introvert and prefer to do things on your own with minimal human interaction. If you like to work on your own then a possible starting job may be delivering something with a car or van or working in a fast food place but not at the cash register. Working alone you could also be a records clerk/data entry worker, dishwasher, stock clerk, lab assistant, entry level painter, or janitor.

If you enjoy talking to people then working as a receptionist, entry level caregiver, entry level customer service representative, sales, retail sales associate, baby sitter or nanny, waitress, waiter, or server, or a store clerk may be a starting point.

Some humans start out having a passion for something or an ultimate goal of what they would like to do with their lives but most unfortunately don’t have any long term plans for their lives and are living day to day just mostly killing time with entertainment pursuits or not doing much of anything. In effect they are not hard workers and prefer to goof off and take each day one at a time. If you have trouble getting up on time for a job and are not punctual and don’t show up for work on time then you have a severe handicap which will easily get you fired.

For males an important consideration is whether you have good coordination or are good with your hands and enjoy working hard at building or making things or whether you are a little clumsy and just have keyboard or cellphone skills. If you are physically strong then a building or repair trade may be for you but if you are not that physical then office or service work may be your only recourse.

Another handicap may be that you are living in a relatively small town and the job opportunities in your immediate surroundings are just not that great or diverse. This is where having a lot of friends or acquaintances may help as a networking

tool to keep you informed of what job opportunities may exist in your small town. As a general rule social networking is an invaluable tool which may make you aware of immediate job openings that you could try to apply for. As in any business who you know sometimes is much more important than what you know in a starting job environment. You may wind up working and saving up enough money to make a risky move to a bigger city with more opportunities in the job market.

The ideal worker is a drug free, punctual, hard worker who will even do a job they don’t like so much but do the best job that they can when they are doing it. Life is hard for most humans and chances are that you will be doing a lot of unsatisfying jobs when you first start out in the job world without higher education.

Without prior working experience your resume becomes very important. It greatly helps if you have had good grades in school and have participated in many school clubs or sports activities showing that you are a doer who doesn’t sit on his or her ass and is engaged with the world. Of course it helps if you have had some work experience as a dog walker, lawn mower, house cleaner, food preparer, etc. to show that you like to work and are not just a couch potato at home.

First impressions are important in a job interview so you should definitely be on time and perhaps a little early for your interview and show good personal hygiene with a neat and clean appearance. The internet is the most common place to look for job openings in your town or city so you should become skilled at using a computer or your cellphone to access the internet. A good resume is important so research this topic on the internet and get some good guidance on what to emphasize in your resume making it short and simple and to the point.

Some current internet job sites are,,, and

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Trump placed a 30% tariff on imported solar cells so foreign manufacturers are slowly shifting their production to the United States which is a good thing for American workers but in the long run we run the risk of no longer being a technological and scientific leader in the field and having reasonable control over the industry which will become more vital to the health and wellbeing of electrical generation in the nation.

It is a fact of life that currently and at least for the next 20 or 40 years, gasoline will continue to be the cheapest way to generate electricity for the consuming public and we will have plenty of it from our own shores. Unfortunately all non renewable sources of energy eventually run out and what concerns me the most is that future generations will eventually have to switch to other sources of energy and preferably they will be abundant and affordable to the consuming public.

It really comes down to a question of short or long term planning. Do we start planning for the future by making some financial sacrifices now or do we wait until there is a crisis situation and we must radically change our electrical infastructure almost overnight? I used to think that market forces would somehow make the switch from gasoline to an alternate energy source rather seamless but I fear that our leadership in the field will be lost if we don’t invest in solar energy now to some extent.

It is a fact of life that we will some day run out of non renewable energy sources but we will always potentially have the energy from the sun. Yes, not all areas of the globe have abundant sunlight which is often reduced in intensity by rain, snow, clouds, air dust pollution, and worst of all night time when there is no sun and solar cells are useless.

Solar cells will always need a backup system which today is natural gas, gasoline, and nuclear energy. The real solution to the problem is of course storage batteries but this technology is still in its infancy and we probably can’t expect efficient batteries for another 20 years or so which will be price competitive.

Current solar cells have an efficiency of about 22% which should be around 40% to compete with gasoline prices. The first solar cells had an efficiency of about 12% so in about 40 years the efficiency has increased by about 100%. If this is any indication of future efficiency increases then maybe in another 20 years the efficiency will double and solar energy will really become competitive with gasoline. Yes, today we will pay higher prices for electricity if solar energy is used partially for power generation but we can hope with technological development and scientific advances that future solar cells will be an efficient way to generate energy from a renewable source, sun power.

It could be argued that with inefficient use of solar cells a billion dollar wasteful industry will form but more research money will be poured into making solar cells more efficient so in the long run humanity will benefit from an inefficient investment in solar cells today.

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Our notion of free will depends on how we chose to define free and will which are two words that we are supposedly trying to relate or find a correspondence.

The best way to define free is to say that free is the freedom to behave without bounds or limits. One thing that we could all agree on is that young children with a poorly developed moral or ethical sense or beliefs have fewer bounds or limits on their behavior than adults who believe in ethical principles which limit their behavior options. On the other hand adults can do many more physical behaviors than children like drive a car, fly an airplane, play tennis, go to a restaurant or go anywhere as far as your budget will let you. So adults have more freedom to do things which children can’t do for physical, financial, or legal reasons.

Will is really a desire so we can talk about all the desires which you might have. Some desires are tied to the real world so they are desires which are real and achievable and some desires are imaginary and not bounded or limited by real world constraints. So desires can be imaginary like wanting to travel to a distant solar system or real desires like wanting to eat a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and bread. Imaginary desires seem to have no limits or boundaries but real desires are limited by our physical, financial, and legal existence.

So instead of free will ask the question is there such a thing as free desires? The answer is that imaginary desires are freer than physical desires but both are limited or bounded by our knowledge and ability to fulfill those desires. So free desires are really unbounded or unlimited desires which we can all have to some extent. An example of an unlimited desire would be a desire to be the richest human in the universe. Another example of unlimited desire is wanting to be a god who is omniscient and omnipotent.

Many humans confuse the fact that free will or free desires are not the same thing as free choice or the freedom to choose. Unlimited or boundless choices are not realistic but imaginary. The freedom to choose among limited or specified options is often real. You can’t choose to eat any animal in the universe which would be an unlimited choice but you can choose to eat any meat offered in the restaurant or supermarket which has limited choices.

So do we have free will or free desires without limits? Yes, but they are imaginary which some humans call illusions.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 5300 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EVERGREEN TRUTHUPDATED NEW QUOTES, and DON’T BE INEFFICIENT, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

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