Landing Your First Job With a High School Education or Less

Perhaps the hardest thing to do is to try and land a job without prior job experience. Another problem is that many jobs these days are part time jobs instead of full time jobs which pay less and will not pay your bills unless you are living with your parents or sharing living accommodations with more than one room mate. Another drawback is that if you have an expensive bad habit like smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking drugs then your expenses may quickly exceed your income and your on the job performance will suffer.

Another important consideration is to analyze your personality and determine whether you are a people person or have social skills or whether you are not good with people and are more of an introvert and prefer to do things on your own with minimal human interaction. If you like to work on your own then a possible starting job may be delivering something with a car or van or working in a fast food place but not at the cash register. Working alone you could also be a records clerk/data entry worker, dishwasher, stock clerk, lab assistant, entry level painter, or janitor.

If you enjoy talking to people then working as a receptionist, entry level caregiver, entry level customer service representative, sales, retail sales associate, baby sitter or nanny, waitress, waiter, or server, or a store clerk may be a starting point.

Some humans start out having a passion for something or an ultimate goal of what they would like to do with their lives but most unfortunately don’t have any long term plans for their lives and are living day to day just mostly killing time with entertainment pursuits or not doing much of anything. In effect they are not hard workers and prefer to goof off and take each day one at a time. If you have trouble getting up on time for a job and are not punctual and don’t show up for work on time then you have a severe handicap which will easily get you fired.

For males an important consideration is whether you have good coordination or are good with your hands and enjoy working hard at building or making things or whether you are a little clumsy and just have keyboard or cellphone skills. If you are physically strong then a building or repair trade may be for you but if you are not that physical then office or service work may be your only recourse.

Another handicap may be that you are living in a relatively small town and the job opportunities in your immediate surroundings are just not that great or diverse. This is where having a lot of friends or acquaintances may help as a networking

tool to keep you informed of what job opportunities may exist in your small town. As a general rule social networking is an invaluable tool which may make you aware of immediate job openings that you could try to apply for. As in any business who you know sometimes is much more important than what you know in a starting job environment. You may wind up working and saving up enough money to make a risky move to a bigger city with more opportunities in the job market.

The ideal worker is a drug free, punctual, hard worker who will even do a job they don’t like so much but do the best job that they can when they are doing it. Life is hard for most humans and chances are that you will be doing a lot of unsatisfying jobs when you first start out in the job world without higher education.

Without prior working experience your resume becomes very important. It greatly helps if you have had good grades in school and have participated in many school clubs or sports activities showing that you are a doer who doesn’t sit on his or her ass and is engaged with the world. Of course it helps if you have had some work experience as a dog walker, lawn mower, house cleaner, food preparer, etc. to show that you like to work and are not just a couch potato at home.

First impressions are important in a job interview so you should definitely be on time and perhaps a little early for your interview and show good personal hygiene with a neat and clean appearance. The internet is the most common place to look for job openings in your town or city so you should become skilled at using a computer or your cellphone to access the internet. A good resume is important so research this topic on the internet and get some good guidance on what to emphasize in your resume making it short and simple and to the point.

Some current internet job sites are,,, and

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