The goal of GLOBALISM is to unify the world politically, socially, and economically so that humanity can survive into the future with what is left of wilderness plants and animals or biodiversity. I am one of the first to offer a comprehensive blueprint or plan to make this essential process a reality and thus prevent the world from destroying biodiversity and the existing selfish human civilization in the process.

There is an attempt to unify the world economically but it is not working because political independence is promoting irresponsible economic behavior on the part of many nations which include the United States and Europe. Because there is no political unity amongst the states in the United States and there is no political unity amongst the countries of the European Union, responsible balancing of the budget is not taking place in every state or country.  State governments should quickly be eliminated in favor of one national government run by the House of Representatives elected every 10 years and the European nations should unite under one political system and constitution for all the participating countries.

Full employment in democratic republics and poor third world countries is no longer a realistic goal because of worldwide business monopolies, robotization, standardization of parts, and jobs demanding ever higher levels of technological skill. The welfare system needs a change in laws to deal with the growing numbers of unemployed and destitute citizens worldwide. This book does not want to repeat historical mistakes but boldly outlines the new steps needed to cure this world’s suicidal political, social, and economic systems. Every political, social, and economic leader in the world should read this book because it was not meant to be one written to entertain the masses.

Find the book on Kindle.

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