You stole that from me! Almost everyone does not like it when something is stolen from them. Steal a material possession from us and we are furious. Steal our child or kidnap a child and we are desperately furious. Steal our pet and we think you are inhuman. Steal marital fidelity or commit adultery and we often want a divorce. Steal our idea and we become very angry. Steal our healthy air or water and we begin to hate the polluters. Steal our tax money and then spend it on incompetent teachers or on subsidizing big business and we are outraged.

A dealer lies to us about a used car, we buy the car which is a lemon, and we are furious. We feel that he has stolen the truth about the car and has deceived us or defrauded us.

A criminal threatens to kill us or maim us if we don’t give him what he wants is another way that stealing is done- with a threat.

All stealing is done with force, the threat of force, and fraud or a combination of two or all three. This book clearly defines and shows how almost all crimes are committed and gives real life examples to make the reading interesting. This book tells it like it is about all the crimes in this world and it covers many crimes that are seldom reported in the news. I have included real life examples of many of the crimes mentioned in this book so that the crimes become more than just boring legal definitions.

This book is unique in one way: It promotes the idea that there are some times and circumstances under which stealing is actually justified. “Thou shall not steal” seems to be an absolute law that should never be violated, but this book points out the instances where stealing is indeed justified and just.

If you are someone who believes that there should be a law against every serious criminal offense against mankind, animals, plants, and the environment, then this is the book for you. Armed with the knowledge that you will find in this book you can bravely go forth and petition your government to do more about the crimes being done against man and nature.

This book can be read for pleasure by reading about the stealing or crimes that interest you, or it can be a source for becoming an expert on stealing and crime. Enjoy!

The book can be found on Kindle or Book Nook if you search under my name Uldis Sprogis.

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