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Adult: n. a Homosapien who is morally sound and is sexually mature enough to have or bear offspring and may have the achievement level of an average 18 year old and may have a job which can financially help one or two offspring and/or is 18 years old

Let’s face facts, there are many adult children in society who may be 18 years old but have the mentality of an irresponsible child. True responsible adulthood is having enough income to be able to financially help one or two offspring with a working spouse.

Realistically you can be 13 years old and precocious with the educational level of an average 18 year old with a good paying job which would qualify you for adult status both mentally, financially, and biologically!!!!!!

Ideally failure to qualify financially should mean no marriage license with the right to bear offspring. Yes, you should still be able to marry the spouse of your choice but propagation is a highly irresponsible action whose financial responsibility becomes the working taxpayer’s.

Genocide of the offspring of the poor? Well the alternative is two parasitic spouses  with offspring on welfare whose standard of living is limited by the government. Parasites are acceptable as long as some basic changes in welfare laws are made so that the working class does not become the slaves of the welfare class always voting for a more luxurious lifestyle on welfare.

My evergreen truth book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS suggests the necessary changes in laws which will have to be made to have a just welfare system where genocide of offspring of the poor is not an acceptable option. Robots and computer software taking over most of the traditional jobs and causing massive unemployment is another reason why my evergreen truth book suggestions should be implemented for a just future society with very many family units on welfare during a major part or the totality of their lives.

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