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Graduate: v. to certify adequate knowledge and/or skills to achieve a goal(s)

When you graduate someone then you certify that they have adequate knowledge and/or skills to do something which is often a job, the next school grade, or higher rank in an organization.

Graduation certificates can be forged and a graduating human may have actually cheated to get the graduating certificate so real proof of adequate knowledge and/or skills usually occurs on the job when a human is asked to perform to the best of his or her ability.

Nepotism appointments are sometimes unjust because the appointments or jobs were given on the basis of who you know more than on merit or on what you know and can do.

Many liberal arts graduates not being able to find jobs is symptomatic of the technological revolution which is replacing human jobs and making many graduation certificates rather useless.

It also turns out that book learning and certification is also not always a good indication of job performance which demands punctuality, dependability, competence, a work ethic, and certain basic social skills which book learning alone can’t provide. Experienced job applicants are often preferred over fresh graduates with seemingly impressive degrees but no work experience.

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