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Class action suits are starting to be filed against Facebook for reading customer’s private messages and still more will come if it can be proved that Facebook is selling like link information to advertisers who are then posting their ads on all the friend’s sites too.

It is too free a system where anyone can introduce Malware and spam via a shared link which can then be propagated through a large part of the system.  With freedom to share comes the responsibility of not introducing Malware and spam which few are capable of doing. Will Facebook eventually self destruct with too much sharing freedom and unscrupulous advertisers shoving their wares down your throat?

Only time will tell and if Facebook can’t reform itself for the better then other sites will arise and provide a customer with what they really need and want without the extra annoying unwanted advertising baggage.

My wordpress website is suffering from many unauthorized unwanted advertising links and I am sure that is the same fate for many Facebook customers!


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