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Mythical authoritative rule over the offspring is not the best teaching tool in modern families. Agility training or interacting as a team as you parent is the basic rule for a happy successful family.

This means adapt constantly to everyday events and problems and don’t be too constant in your opinions on daily events and problems.

This means empower the offspring or permit them to make some decisions and permit them to offer their point of view if they have any.

This means communicate your story or review your family history and go over the good times in your lives and the bad times and how you got through them.

This means that successful offspring frequently have successful families which gives them a sense of motivation and purpose in their lives.

This may not be very useful information for ghetto offspring with bad family backgrounds but this can be improved in the near future by greater selfmotivation caused by individualized achievement through audio visual interactive educational software.

Agility teaching does not reveal that there is a more important basic moral code which should serve as the foundation upon which many decisions in life should be made-don’t destroy biodiversity and don’t lie and don’t be inefficient and don’t steal and don’t commit adultery if married and don’t murder.

The most important question to ask in almost every family circumstance and/or problem is-

Are we being efficient in solving this problem and are we going to save time and energy and money doing so in the long duration?

Here is the complete TED video by Bruce Feiler which is very informative. Enjoy!!!!!!