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Agility: n. having speedy and very coordinated movement(s)

The cheetah is a great example of an agile animal and I personally recommend physical agility training for the whole family which optimizes speedy coordination of the body and all body parts. Of course if you are grossly overweight agility training may not be very successful for you and a seemingly insurmountable challenge.

Basketball and table tennis are relatively agile sports but are rarely sports which the whole family can play with greatly divergent skill sets which makes playing rather boring for the skilled players. Obstacle courses are ideal but can be rather boring and usually demand considerable strength of arms and legs.


I have invented an new agility game called cotennis where you basically volley over and under a relatively narrow net and lob the ball over the net at great heights to different parts of the court. There is no points scoring but the sheer fun of volleying over and under the net and lobbing to different parts of the court and getting wonderfully coordinated while doing so. It is a cooperative sport designed for the whole family and more than two players also.

It can be made into a competitive sport but it would take most of the creativity out of it and make it another boring sport. Cotennis can be agility training at its best and you can use either or both hands to hold the racket!!!!!! Even overweight players could play cotennis but you would have to volley and lob the ball closer to the opposite player.

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