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It is human nature and the nature of language to want to classify humans into groups not realizing that there is often much overlap. Sometimes just labeling someone religious, an agnostic, or an atheist is very misleading and tends to create destructive conflicts which alienate one group from another.

I as a secular moralist intensely believe that a secular moral code should be taught in secular government schools worldwide.

Why? So that young impressionable minds are indoctrinated in how to best intuitively and peacefully interact with their fellow humans.

Further explanation: Offspring who eventually should become responsible adults should not always be in turmoil asking themselves-Is what I am going to do or say next morally right or wrong? There should be largely impulsive beliefs which courageously guide our interactions with others and optimize the probability for friendly interactions which have the potential for creating some close friendships. Our interactions with other humans should have the potential to create trusting and respectful relationships with a majority of moral human friends, especially the close ones in our circle of friends which can vary in size depending on how social we wish to be.

I intensely believe that ethical principles and suggested rules of behavior when interacting with other humans should be a direct logical outgrowth from the secular moral code and not the other way around.

Why? Relativistic situation ethics has immoral tendencies which often leads to the end justifies the means kind of thinking. You have a goal(s) in life and almost anything that you do to try and reach that goal(s) can be justified as being acceptable. This too often leads to more of an acceptance of sociopathic behavior which uses lying and deception to achieve great wealth or power. When caught in the wrong doing the punishment is often not more than a slap on the wrist even though there is moral outrage.

I intensely believe that a just society should reward the moral humans much more than the immoral ones and this should be reflected in just laws which optimize the probability that the immoral humans will be punished adequately and their existence will be relatively small in society.

Why? Immorality creates destructive chaos in society and the trusting bond and respect between humans and between humans and their leaders breaks down resulting in failed relationships and an inevitable tyranny designed to establish some semblance of order and security based on fear of death and the threat of severe punishment. Live among mostly moral humans and there is more predictable behavior and security and a sense that you are not imminently going to be the victim of some violent, lying, deceptive predator.

Here is the “modern” secular moral code which I fervently believe in:

Except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder!!!!!!

I have written extensively on themes which are an outgrowth of this secular moral code and I leave it up to you to follow up if you choose. I will only briefly touch upon two which are rather unique views of morality.

Don’t destroy biodiversity is the most important which addresses the need to conserve and even expand our wilderness areas for the long duration benefit of humanity. When irresponsible use of technology alters our environment and food supply and makes it unhealthy for human consumption, wilderness will be the safety net for new generations of healthy time tested food.

Don’t be inefficient addresses the great desirability of living sustainable lives and recycling as much human garbage and waste as possible. It also addresses the problem of overconsuming humans polluting their environment with inefficient behavior doing too many trivial and unnecessary things in life or wasting their time on relatively meaningless or purposeless activity. This moral principle also addresses human excess-too much talking, too much spending, too much drinking and eating, too much entertainment, too much arguing, too much bad or useless education, etc. etc.

Ideally what I really need is disciples and followers or humans who might be able to improve upon the secular moral code, fill in the details, advertise it worldwide, and form nuclear communities within nations which hopefully will prosper and entice many more followers worldwide.

I am too old to become a physical leader of secular moral humans but if you want to try and pursue such a lofty ambition then I would welcome it with open arms.

Sincerely, Uldis

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