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Big international banking is probably why the danger of  World War 3 is highly unlikely since the world is so economically interdependent and no major nation wants a physical war nor much less an all out cyber war designed to incapacitate a major economic nation in the world. Yes, if the total military system of a nation is neutralized or totally incapacitated with cyber attacks then blackmail is a distinct possibility but I doubt that it would lead to a physical world war. There is a war on to try and control your mind with socialist and communist propaganda internationally but this will take a few generations to achieve unless big internet tech is determined to make it happen sooner.

That said bigness in general has many drawbacks since monopoly or big business size has a tendency to corrupt an organizational structure and any products or information which it may choose to disseminate or sell to customers. Quality service, quality products, and quality information suffers whenever something gets too big.

The big food business or monoculture big agribusiness in general is largely producing cheap products and polluting and losing the topsoil which it is so heavily dependent on. The soil is being poisoned by artificial fertilizers, artificial pesticides and herbicides, questionable GMO’s, and topsoil is decreasing with each passing year. Big factory farming is producing too many livestock with unnatural doses of antibiotics, hormones, and genetically modified livestock which no longer reproduce the natural way but do so with artificial insemination.

Over processing of limited biodiverse produce and adding too much sugar, preservatives, color, and artificial chemicals is further degrading the quality of the food and drink. If the old adage that you are what you eat is true then the bad quality of limited fast food and food and drink in general is causing severe health problems for most of the humans in a nation.

Going organic is a smart move but when big corporations take over companies such as Whole Foods which was promising to go organic and when Aldi supermarkets get too numerous they no longer have an incentive to sell organic produce at the accelerating rate that they should be sold, bigness sucks. Bigness slows down organic innovation and decelerates the pace of needed change in the food and drink business.

Bad health has resulted in big medicine creating artificial drugs which treat the symptoms of an illness but don’t cure it guaranteeing permanent addicted customers. Just listen to the side effects of drugs advertised on TV. The side effects are worse than the symptoms and the possible consequences are the medical conditions which the drugs claim to obscure but not cure. Artificial drugs are a sledgehammer used to modify sensitive biological metabolic equilibrium. The results are devastating in the long duration causing just more biological metabolic disequilibrium in the long duration and a need for further sledgehammer approaches which often result in lifespan shortening.

Over prescription of pain killers, opioids, mood enhancing drugs, anti psychotic drugs, antibiotics, and pills in general has made the majority of Americans dependent on medication of some kind and the number taking 5 or more pills is accelerating, especially among the elderly. Big medicine, high insurance, and medical malpractice suits are causing much disillusionment in the profession. Fewer and fewer humans are choosing  to enter the medical profession and fewer and fewer humans believe that doctors are trying to cure them but are just cynically considering them as a source for renewed prescriptions and income.

Big internet tech companies are the next great source for future lousy information and excessive censorship of ideas and news. Fake news and fake information has made the public lose trust in what they are getting from the media and internet tech companies. Almost all attempts at regaining this trust seem to be colossal failures. Once trust is lost it can take decades or lifetimes to get the trust back.

How do you censor moral free speech from fake and immoral free speech with an algorithm which is just to all law abiding humans? It is mission impossible and the only way out is to patronize smaller internet websites whose mission is clearly stated and worthwhile enough to be financially supported by a loyal readership.

Internet censorship is just one step away from a tyrannical big government with basically one party or two parties that have one and the same philosophy. Many have already complained that there is no difference in the Republican or the Democratic establishment parties. The rich get richer, the middle class is dying fast, the welfare class grows, and the average working citizen is being largely ignored by the politicians.

Many special interest laws have been passed with so many that Congress no longer can pass understandable plain English laws which mean what they say on paper. There are so many vague laws passed which rely upon the bureaucracy interpreting the laws and actually enforcing them via the legal system. Bureaucratic bias is rampant and small businesses who can’t afford an expensive lawyer to explain the laws are at a considerable disadvantage.

Big money power and bigness in general is oppressing the individual and any rights that he or she may still have by law in the constitution. Humans are being royally fucked by big money, big economy, big medicine, big food or farming, big education, big information, and big government system. It seems things will only get worse with the passage of time. If you are smart then you will patronize organic food, minimal medicine or minimal usage of drugs both legal and illegal, promote useful education, and try to pass on your morality to your offspring if you decide to have any offspring.

The problem with big lifeforms is that they are usually too big, too slow, too inefficient, and too stupid to survive in the long duration once they have devoured all the medium sized and little lifeforms. Yes, decentralization is a possible alternative for bigness not becoming extinct but promoting small businesses is the ultimate antidote to a big or huge corrupted dying organism.

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Independent seed companies no longer exist in the US and a handful of companies are controlling the production and use of patented GMO seeds worldwide. Control the food supply and you control the humans who are dependent on it.

Terminator seeds are seeds which self-destruct after harvest and can’t be replanted and there is a type of GMO corn which was produced which caused infertility in males. These are just a few of the scary results when you diabolically play around with DNA.

The very wealthy elite do not eat GMO food but consume the organic variety.

Harvest GMO yields are not any bigger than with regular seeds and they are not a solution for increasing the food supply to a growing worldwide population.

What is the point of all this?

Well there is the possibility that in the future the unhealthy food supply will be used to control human overpopulation in an undiscriminating way worldwide.

The aim is to monopolize agriculture worldwide with patented GMO seeds.


A biodiverse natural food supply is vital to long duration survival. Monoculture GMO agriculture is a threat to the long duration health of humans in this world and if you are smart then you will support certified organic food with your hard earned dollars, eat as much of it as you can, and guarantee that your long duration health will be optimized.

SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION is a book which details the dangers of GMO’s in great detail and here is a video link to the author Engdahl’s presentation.


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A thirty year side by side study of organic versus industrial farming techniques was made by the Rodale Institute with the following important facts:

Profits for organic farms were over 250% larger than for large agribusiness and

farm yields per acre were approximately the same and

organic farm workers hired were generally greater per acre and

organic farms are 45% more efficient energy users with production efficiency being 28 % larger and

they are approximately 20% more drought tolerant and

have improved soil quality and

don’t use toxic chemicals suchas pesticides and herbicides and lopsided fertilizers.

The most revealing fact is that we spend about 10% of our income on food and 16% on health care and it used to be the reverse percentages.

We are spending less on food and more on medical expenses because we are so unhealthy from eating the cheap, polluted, over processed food of large agribusiness!!!!!!


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