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Charm: v. to arouse pleasantness and/or admiration by being visually attractive and polite and friendly and likable

A charming human can arouse pleasant feelings in another by being visually attractive, polite, friendly, and likable. A very charming human can arouse admiration in another by being very visually attractive, very polite, very friendly, and very likable which really means lovable.

Your charm can range from the likable to the lovable and it is up to you whether you want to be just liked or loved by someone. Charming an audience may be getting them to just like you and charming a potential spouse means added slightly different behaviors such as hugging, kissing, and touching such as holding hands and pats on the back.

Yes, many humans marry uncharming humans who are not that friendly, not that polite, not very likable, and borderline attractive. Many eventually end up in divorce because truly charming individuals are a rarity in society and there is no proof that charming individuals have longer duration marriages, especially in overly promiscuous societies. A charming individual is really an idealized human being with an abundance of good human behaviors and unfortunately in the real world most humans fall far short of this idealized state of charm.

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