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Some humans radiate confidence and energy no matter how much money they have or how socially connected they are. Humans are attracted to them not so much because of their looks but because of the optimistic friendly ways that they interact with humans. Here are the major reasons why a personality seems so attractive and maybe even slightly irresistible.

They have integrity or are morally sound and trustworthy giving sincere honest compliments and praise when deserved and don’t lie or deceive others. They are dependable and try to fulfill any promises that they make or fulfill responsibilities which they assume.

They are good listeners and ask relevant smart follow up questions which show a genuine interest in others and make others feel respected and important. They shy away from small or trivial talk which can bore or annoy others.

They are good at reading others and treat them the way that they want to be treated. They realize that some are extroverted, love praise and attention, interaction, and public approval and that others are rather private and introverted and like to keep their lives and accomplishments largely to themselves.

They tactfully ask or make note of the likes and dislikes of a human and what they are most proud of and occasionally converse on those topics with the human making stronger emotional connections.

They recognize the difference between fact and opinion and follow an opinion with a statement that it is a personal opinion and may not be a fact which allows others to have opposing opinions without feeling that they are being harshly criticized or put down for stupidity. Sports, politics, religion, GMO’s, global warming, etc. are areas where intelligent humans can agree to disagree because most of the topics are opinions or differing beliefs and not scientifically proven facts.

They smile, look good but don’t overdo it, and are passionately optimistic with a genuine interest in life and humans despite any transient personal problems which they might have which they don’t go out of their way to advertise.

CONCLUSION: If you have integrity, are trustworthy, dependable, friendly, confident, optimistic, and competent then there is a great probability that you will be respected and even admired. An attractive or irresistible personality goes further and knows how to communicate well, read humans, and make appropriate compliments, praise, and encouragement which motivates humans to excel, do their best, and be exemplary moral citizens.


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