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Summons: n. a legal written document which officially starts a lawsuit and frequently there is a list of alleged (counts and/or causes) and/or complaints to which you must respond through timely legal documents and/or an appearance in court

Not many of us have been sued and served with an official summons to appear in court to answer counts and/or causes and/or complaints against us. A summons is an official beginning of a lawsuit.

The legal response to such a summons is to answer in a timely way with an official legal document filed with the court in a timely way within a deadline and the other alternative is to appear in court, an appearance which can be delayed with appropriate submitted legal documents usually done by a lawyer.

Some lawyers specialize in legally delaying appearances in court for as long a three years or more and sometimes just by delaying court appearances the plaintiff gives up and cancels further court action. This is why if you have the money and skilled expert lawyers you can delay a lawsuit almost indefinitely and in the mean time you, the suer, will be drained financially by your personal lawyer who will have to work at the pile of paperwork coming in and your attempt at suing may even lead to personal financial difficulty or even bankruptcy in the meantime.

The court system is not just for humans with little money suing wealthy humans and/or organizations and unless you have convincing written and/or visual and/or audio proof and/or evidence of wrongdoing and lawyers who will work on a commission basis after you win your case in court then you have little chance of prevailing in a personal suit against deep pockets or humans with much money.

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