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Command: v. to authoritatively demand an animal(s) to do a subset(s)

Historically commanding or bossing humans around was much more popular than today. Parents would command their offspring with strict discipline, men would frequently tell their wives what to do, rulers would command their followers and military leaders, military leaders would command their soldiers, and humans would command and discipline their pets.

Today many parents don’t strictly discipline their offspring, rulers and especially presidents have limited powers to command,  business leaders in many technological companies or creative enterprises emphasize teamwork and not autocratic rule, and spouses try to mutually cooperate in making decisions although one spouse may be more commanding than the other.

Commanding is still a vital and necessary function in western societies and is much more pronounced in other cultures today but the trend is towards much more cooperative strategies of leadership. Power is shared to some extent and all decisions are no longer strictly top down leadership but an exchange of ideas and strategies before a final decision is made.


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