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Almost no one today speaks about behaving morally in public and humans make the wrong assumption that immorality is just another form of bad behavior and don’t realize that it is really very very bad behavior which needs a totally different reaction from you.

If someone lies to you, steals from you, or commits adultery then that is immoral behavior and you simply don’t forgive and forget and leave yourself open to future victimization. A close trusting relationship and friendship will never develop successfully if that human lies, steals, or commits adultery or is unfaithful to you in a nonmarital relationship.

There is a difference between intentional lies and unintentional lies which we can call bullshit. Society is riddled with myths (historical lies) and deceptions or hidden lies and what you may consider to be an intentional lie may actually be something which another human sincerely believes in and thinks it is the truth and so can be considered to be an unintentional lie. Be careful of accusing someone of lying because it may just be some bullshit that they actually believe in.

Language is also faulty and deceptive in its current form and humans have a tendency to say “you do that all the time” or “you always do that” when the fact is that you may only do it occasionally and it only seems that you do it always. The absolute black or white, yes or no, always or never bias in language usage does not kindly view exceptions to the general rule.

Maybe, sometimes, frequently, and probably are seldom used when they should be used for accuracy and clarity. The exceptions to the general rule may be why you think someone is lying to you. Language is an authoritarian structure designed for obedience and command execution. Do something always comes across as having to do it all the time when in fact you should only be doing many things some of the time when appropriate for the occasion. 

Bad behavior can be forgiven and an attempt can be made at trying to forget it because things like getting drunk at a social gathering, spouting profanities, forgetting a birthday or anniversary, anger at your mistakes or bad behavior, not being punctual occasionally, getting harshly criticized, name calling, ridicule, insults, and put downs are bad or hurtful behaviors but they are not immoral behaviors and can be forgiven if they don’t exist all the time but only exist occasionally.   

Bad behaviors are not very pleasant and can be the source for much anger and temporary misery but they are usually transient phenomenon which you can tolerate to some extent in your life and relationship.   Relationships have their happy and unhappy moments and unfortunately most fallible humans are not perfect and do bad things once in a while which we should tolerate even though they make us unhappy temporarily.  

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It is a mistake to assume that tremendous will power over a long duration will change bad behavior.

You may have all the selfcontrol and determination in the world but if you are going to use will power alone to change to healthier eating habits then you won’t know where to start or put all that will power. You need to do some serious thinking, research, and planning before you can apply any will power to the gradual small steps which you will have to make to start on your road to healthier eating.

It is a mistake to make huge overnight changes instead of gradual steps or changes.

Suddenly overnight buying only organic food and drinks and preparing all the food at home for consumption at work and at home will probably not work because it is too great a shock to your system and you will become very confused about how and when to prepare the food.

It is much smarter to gradually introduce organic snacks into your daily routine and only gradually increase the quantity of the organic food which you add to or replace your regular eating habits with. You enjoy the taste of most of the food which you consume now and chances are it will take a relatively long time to make organic food eating as tasty and desirable in your life.

There is nothing more demotivating than having to eat organic food which sometimes doesn’t taste very good without some sauce or flavoring and forcing yourself to abandon the good tasting overly processed food which you are now probably eating.

It is a mistake to surround yourself with bad role models and an environment which reinforces the bad behaviors which you are trying to change.

If most of the humans which you associate with have unhealthy eating habits and you love to frequent fast food places and supermarkets which don’t have organic produce then the chances of changing to healthy eating habits is rather slim. You must try to surround yourself with external motivators and they are humans who are eating healthy and establishments where healthy food is sold.

It is a mistake to go cold turkey on bad behaviors but better to start some good behaviors which will gradually push out or reduce the time spent on the bad behaviors.

Gradually adding more organic food to your diet will slowly push out the overly processed food which you are eating but that doesn’t mean that you have to totally abandon processed food or can’t have any tasty deserts or no fast food at all.

It is a mistake to think that rationally knowing what to do and where to go will automatically lead to doing those things and going to places to get what you may want or need.

You may have found out which places sell organic food but don’t take the necessary next step in stocking up on some or actually buying some. Old shopping habits and eating habits are hard to change, especially if you find out that it will take a half an hour extra time to travel to an organic food place. You just may be too set in your ways or too lazy to make the extra effort needed to stock up on supplies and prefer eating and shopping at your regular place just 5 or 10 minutes away.

It is a mistake to assume that a new better behavior will be forever.

You may be eating an organic apple as a snack three times a week but this won’t last forever because you will tire of the snack and maybe want to change to an organic banana or pear instead. The beauty is that even good habits can become boring but you can usually replace them with other good habits as the need arises.

It is a mistake to assume that changing behavior is difficult or even impossible.

When you are thirsty then drink. When you are hungry then eat. To make sure that you have something to eat or drink that is healthy for you then consider a tote bag or lunch container filled with good healthy food and drink. Then when you are thirsty or hungry instantly quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger in a healthy way.


An addiction to unhealthy eating can be replaced with an addiction to healthy eating or and addiction to both healthy and unhealthy food which is the compromise most are capable of in this society which is overly biased towards unhealthy triggers enticing us to eat unhealthy in almost every corner of existence.

If you are addicted to gambling, pornography, impulsive shopping, alcohol and drugs then you will have a harder time of replacing those bad addictive habits with new addictive good hobbies and pastimes. It is not impossible once you find out exactly which new hobbies and pastimes would interest you enough to want to commit some time to doing them to some extent for starters.

Of course the smartest thing to do would be to increase your job skills by learning new useful skills and knowledge but unfortunately this will indeed take much selfcontrol and determination since the learning process is not very rewarding for most of us and we would prefer to usually do something else and take the easy way out and do nothing.

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Here is a link to singledatingdiva.com which has some good advice for smart men and even smart women who usually avoid 5 major unpleasant personality flaws in the opposite sex.

I would also like to add that most smart men try to avoid pessimistic women or women with mental problems such as depression. Men usually do not feel sorry for a woman going through tough personal times and don’t usually feel like nurturing and sympathizing with a complaining pessimistic woman. Very emotional or emotionally unstable women are also usually ones that smart men tend to avoid.


If you like this evergreen blog read more of them and read one or more of my evergreen books, especially COMMON SENSE.