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Pain relief concept.

Relief: n. reducing and/or eliminating (pain and/or misery) and/or (discomfort and/or anxiety) and/or (need and/or fear) and/or (tediousness and/or a usually bad emotional subset(s))

Most of us don’t want relief from happiness, enjoyment, excitement, love, and good feelings in general but most of us want relief from pain, misery, discomfort, anxiety, fear, and bad feelings in general.

Relief reduces or completely eliminates the bad emotions or feelings for a little duration and sometimes for a long duration and permits the good feelings and emotions to take over for duration.

Sometimes other humans have the power to relieve bad emotions and feelings with a few kind words or words of optimistic encouragement. Most of the time it is our responsibility to deal with pain and emotional discomfort ourselves and try to make sure that it doesn’t happen again by modifying our behavior in the future so that the bad feelings don’t return.

The secret to relieving bad emotions is much selfcontrol and a conscientious effort to do things differently the next time. Changing frame of mind and behavior increases the probability that the bad emotions won’t resurface as they will if you do nothing to change them or don’t alter your behavior so that bad feelings don’t resurface again.

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Sympathy: n. empathy with a lifeform(s)’s misfortune

If it is a death in the family or some permanent irreversible misfortune then the best that you can do is sympathize by sharing a similar misfortune in your life or writing a sympathy card giving emotional support.

In a family situation saying that you feel someone’s pain for misfortune and merely emotionally sympathizing with them is frequently not enough sympathy. You should also follow up with some useful advice and/or caring which will decrease the odds that the misfortune will happen again.

If your offspring gets an F grade then you should give some useful advice on how to avoid it happening again such as with better study or work habits and you may even have to supervise your offspring and check their knowledge of the subject matter before the next test.

Adults should be largely responsible for their own misfortunes in life but even here if you have some useful advice on how to avoid future misfortune then you should spend some of your valuable time giving your best advice on the matter so it doesn’t happen again.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.