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Principle: n. a basic generalization that is accepted as true and which can be used as a basis for reasoning and/or a discussion of behavior norms

Eat healthy organic food and get enough exercise are two principles which can keep you healthy and relatively disease free with much energy to live life fully. Add to this the principle-get enough sleep, and your basic minimal human needs are met.

Principles to live by are behavioral principles but there are also scientific principles such as Archimedes principle which predicts which objects will float or sink.

There are ethical principles and moral principles which help you to function effectively in society.

A human without vital principles to live by drifts catastrophically through life encountering much hardship and misery.

Principles can vary greatly from one human to the next but the moral principles don’t lie, don’t steal, and don’t commit adultery should be practiced by everyone who wants to maintain good interactive relationships with other human beings and maintain a good reputation while doing so.

What principles do you believe in and live by? Think about it and then do something to live by them more faithfully.

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