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Gift: n. a subset(s) that is given intentionally without a need for immediate and adequate reaction unless gratitude is considered a just form of immediate and adequate reaction.

Gifts are frequently given to please a human(s) and a thank you is all that is expected in return. There is a thoughtful gift which is something a human really needs or wants and then there is the inappropriate one which is not greatly appreciated and one frequently bought in haste.

Gifts are frequently material possessions but historically they have even been slaves and land.

Gifts are usually for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and Christmas but they may also be used in courting and new relationships where you want to develop more closeness with a human and expect some favors in return eventually.

Nothing is more disappointing than a gift which is not needed and sometimes when in doubt a money gift or gift card is the smartest gift to give. It means the human receiving it can buy something they really want with it and results in optimal satisfaction.


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