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boasting in weakness

Boast: v. to communicate excessive selfimportance and/or pride

Using superlatives to describe your accomplishments may sometimes seem like boasting but some humans actually do a great or superb job once in a while. What really separates the boaster from a truthful comment is the tone of voice which selfpraise is made and how frequently it is done. If you repeat selfpraise much then it can also be thought of as a sign of boasting.

“I manage 50 humans” may merely be a fact of life and not a boast unless the tone of voice is a boastful manner or you repeat the fact about three or more times in a short duration. “I always win” and “I am never wrong” may seem like a boast or a lie or both. Humility is frequently preferred by humans to boasting but a little boasting can also sometimes be considered to be a sign of selfconfidence so it is not always totally bad.

Evergreen truth blog may seem like boasting to some of you but I prefer to view it as a sign of somewhat excessive selfconfidence.

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