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Harm: v. to injure (bodily and/or mentally) and/or financially to any degree short of bodily death

Harming someone physically and financially is easy to observe and understand but mental harm may not be obvious immediately. You can offend someone with ridicule, name calling, a put down, an insult, harsh criticism, or a profanity and may not realize that there may be some harm done to the long duration sense of good selfworth of the human. Too much mental harm in extreme cases can result in inferiority complexes which linger for a lifetime.

Offspring are especially vulnerable to being called and stereotyped as ugly, stupid, worthless, or incompetent losers and the healthy selfesteem of young offspring can be harmed for a lifetime.

Too much criticism from parents, peers, and adults can harm an individual and create a fearful timid introvert who is not socially very adventurous and may become somewhat of a loner.

Not so obvious is the selfharm done by individuals to themselves with bad habits, stupid or dangerous behaviors. Not so obvious is the fact that you are really harming yourself by choosing to associate with bad humans who are harming themselves with their bad behaviors and you can easily harm yourself by doing or imitating the bad behaviors yourself.

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