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Electrocorpus:  n. willfully and forcibly stealing normal body functioning of an individual with the use of pulsed or full wave electromagnetic radiation which can even result in death if the intensity and frequency and duration of the radiation is too large

Electrical signals pulse from different parts of our bodies to our brains and are analyzed and electrical signals are emitted by the brain as it keeps general control over our bodies and body functions. Pulsed electromagnetic radiation can mimic body electrical current and that means that there is the potential to override brain function at will and cause body functions such as cramps, diarrhea, spasms, visual distortions, constipation, etc. For a more comprehensive list of possible effects read about them in SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS under electrocorpus.

Theoretically any body function can be controlled with pulsed electromagnetic radiation and with very intense radiation even death is possible which is a new undetectable way of killing someone. It is obvious that electromagnetic radiation is not a laughing matter and the government tries intensely to keep potentially dangerous electromagnetic devices out of the hands of amateurs and even many professionals.

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