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What are my short term goals or wants?

What are some of my possible long term goals or wants?

Do I have the RESOURCES such as




useful knowledge,

and money to reach my goals?


Do I have the basic ABILITY which means

adequate memory,

good coordination,

good health,

and possibly physical strength?


Do I have adequate SKILLS such as


self motivation,

emotional intelligence or communication skills,

math and/or language skills,

physical and/or mental skills?


Do I have useful knowledge such as an adequate education or selfeducation in the field of interest?

Will I need money to get the resources that I want?

Have I saved up enough money to pay for new learning of useful skills and/or useful knowledge?

About how long will it take to get the resources which I will need?

When I have the resources about how long will it take to reach my goals?

Do I have any bad habits which will keep me from reaching my goals fast enough?

Do I understand that




and selfmotivation will have to come from within myself?

Do I understand the difference between DOING appropriate things to achieve a goal OR planning and dreaming about achieving a goal and never doing anything about it?

Do I know that DOING something is better than not doing anything at all?


Do I know that a mind and body in motion will achieve more goals than a mind and body at rest?

Do I know that SCHEDULING my time or life and BUDGETING my money will greatly speed up goal achievement?

Do I know that an organized life will speed up goal achievement?

Do I know that it is never too late in life to start organizing your life a little more and start improving?

Make a plan for improving and write it down. Then take action and follow through on it!

If plan A does not seem to be working for you then make a plan B. Remember as you get better at planning your improvement steps you may even go to plan C, D, etc. The more you achieve your short term goals the more confidence you will get and you will get courage to proceed to your long term goals. Best wishes!

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Deniz Yalim gives some good tips on being frugal which can be very helpful to those living on a limited budget but truthfully it is also good advice for humans wanting to save up enough money for something you really want and need but which is a little pricey.

My favorite tip of hers is to do it yourself or learn to do it yourself if you can. I think she is behind the times about going to the library to get books because the internet is a great source for cheap useful knowledge about practically anything. So learn how to surf the internet wisely and thriftily!

Here is a link to her useful articles:

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If you enjoyed this blog then here is a list of my most popular ones which you may also enjoy!!!





What is the purpose of life? One way of looking at life is to say that it is the setting of goals and achieving them consciously and/or unconsciously.


Eating and drinking are daily goals and we frequently have to decide what we will eat and drink and when. Other common goals are schooling, working, shopping, socializing, getting married, dating, and enjoying pleasant pastimes.


Most of us settle into routines or habitual behaviors and just live life without making any dramatic long duration goals which frequently require much talent such as becoming a celebrity, business success, or an important leader in an organization.


Few of us consciously set priorities in our life and determine which goals are realistically worth pursuing and which ones aren’t that important to strive for and do because they are not that realistic or they are just a waste of time, energy, and money. This leads many to lead rather mundane lives with some randomness which seldom results in huge successes or achievements in life.


Not many budget their money, set priorities, schedule time in their life, and make long duration goals but have their hands full and are caught up in the daily struggle to survive financially, just try to hold on to a job, and live life struggling with many setbacks, disappointments, and failures.


Life is ever changing for most of us and what we do as young adults, in middle age, and in old age can be very different with different sets of priorities or goals.


Finally that you can be what you want to be is not always a good philosophy to have because you may be biting off more than you can chew or can be setting unrealistic goals in your life. It is very important that you consciously try to assess you true abilities and potential and make realistic goals so that you don’t become pessimistic about life and live a tragic life of too much failure and disappointment.


You can still be happy with life if you no longer have lofty goals but more realistic ones which will not stress you out and be constant blows to your ego and sense of self-worth.



Budgeting your money, setting priorities, scheduling the time in your life, working hard, and learning new skills and knowledge are great goals to have and they will help you to make much progress in life but they may not be enough to land you your dream job or a prestigious leadership position.


Instead of becoming pessimistic and sinking into depression readjust your priorities or goals in life to more realistic ones.


Don’t be afraid of change which may lead to new possibilities of failure because new experiences will help to teach you more about your real potential in life. You will learn and make adjustments and hopefully optimize the possible realistic happiness in your life.


If you don’t like the way things are turning out then set new priorities or make new goals and there is a good chance that things will improve or you may have to change your goal priorities again if there is no improvement which satisfies you.


Never give up living life because it is the only life which you were given. Make the best of it that you can!


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One of the major reasons why humans are so bad at managing their money is that they never learned to BUDGET their money or can’t stand budgeting because it requires spending discipline. Budgeting should be taught in every elementary school to students so that they don’t grow up to be as profligate as their parents and government who are constantly struggling with unreasonable debt which is destroying families and a healthy economy.

Not only have we become a nation of impulsive spenders living from paycheck to paycheck but the government is handicapped with the same problem of irresponsible financial management of the economy and is burdening future generations with debt which they will never be able to repay.

Thriftiness is no longer a promoted virtue and the government also is no longer as virtuous as it once was. Be stupid with money and soon you will soon have a culture which stupidly self-destructs.

It doesn’t pay to save any money for retirement because of inflation, banks paying no interest on saving accounts, and risky volatile investments which can go belly up at the next financial crisis. The live for today and spend for today makes long duration planning almost impossible and not only are families in crisis mode but government is in crisis mode with no emergency reserves except the printing of more counterfeit money and greater debt.

Animals have an emergency fat reserve for food emergencies and humans and government should have an emergency money reserve for crises and emergencies in their lives. If humans have financial emergencies in their lives then they can depend on government to bail them out. Who will bail out the government in an emergency financial crisis?

To cure impulsive spending you frequently need a financial crisis. It is much smarter to teach young impressionable minds the virtue of spending discipline or budgeting so that there are no great financial crises in their adult lives.

Individual responsibility about money creates a responsible government and an army of irresponsible citizens is ungovernable and creates a dysfunctional government unable to justly govern.

Much more important than money is the moral decay of cultures but I have written about this other major problem and solutions in other blogs.


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Money mismanagement or not enough of it is the leading cause of divorce so you should find out before marriage how your future spouse has, will, or wants to manage money.

Your favorite store is having a blowout sale; what will you do?

You just received a large tax refund. What are you most likely to do with it?

You inherit $10,000. What is your first instinct?

Everyone pictures retirement differently. What does yours look like?

How would you like to save for retirement?

What percentage of our earnings will be saved for emergencies and/or retirement and/or education for offspring or self-improvement?

Will we have joint or separate money accounts?

Will we share budgeting responsibilities or will one be the dominant manager of the household budget?

Most of these questions are designed to find out who is the great spender in the relationship and who will have the major responsibility for running the household budget if there are not separate accounts. The most thrifty spouse who is good with numbers should play a major role in budgeting the household budget for joint accounts.

If neither one of you are good with money management, are stressed out when talking about money and sharing it, and both have jobs then maybe separate accounts are the solution to the problem so blame for overspending will show up clearly by examining the independent accounts.

To avoid having to blame one or the other for overspending a third joint account may be set up to pay for anticipated joint fixed expenses such as food, rent or mortgage payment, utility bills, offspring expenses, and household expenses. After every paycheck a just or fair amount should be contributed to the third joint account.

Most married couples never learn to BUDGET their money or are very bad at managing money which becomes a major source for arguments and hardship that frequently leads to divorce. If you find out by asking the above questions that one is an irresponsible spendthrift hooked on credit cards then don’t marry!!!!!!

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Schedule your time:

Most humans waste much time, energy, and money by talking too much or socializing too much, by doing trivial relatively unimportant things in their life, and by spending too much time on bad habits which can be improved. One of the most important things which you can do is to prioritize your life and schedule your time away from work so that you have enough time devoted to the things which you think are most important in your life.

Setting a specific time for doing activities is important so the scheduled routine becomes as automatic as possible or becomes a good habit. 8:30 PM put the young offspring to bed by making them put away toys, showering, and dressing for bedtime. 9:00 PM reeducating yourself by learning new knowledge and skills necessary for a better job. 10:00 PM discuss or do things with significant other. 10:30 relax with entertainment. 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM sleep.

Life is not always predictable and your schedule will be interfered with occasionally and you can adjust the times to fit your desired lifestyle but do try to maintain a regular schedule as frequently as possible and you will be establishing good habits to replace the bad ones.


Budget your money:

If you are impulsively spending and living from paycheck to paycheck and never have enough money for emergencies such as car repairs, appliance breakdowns, household repairs, or medical expenses then you should seriously consider budgeting your money. Budgeting your money means planning to spend money on things which you really NEED and not on things which you impulsively WANT. It also means setting up separate savings accounts for future education, retirement, and emergencies.

My evergreen book HOW TO SAVE MONEY can help you with budgeting and money management in general.


Learn to eat healthy:

Nothing is better for your health than eating healthy food. You should gradually switch to eating minimally processed unsweetened varied certified organic food as frequently as possible. No one can automatically switch from fast food and sweet deserts and treats but at least don’t eat them as frequently any more. Consider artificially sweetened or food with sugar added to be eaten as a treat only once or twice a week.

Snack on nuts and fruits and bring healthy sandwiches to work if you eat more than once a day which is not necessary for most sedentary jobs. Experiment with your food and don’t be afraid that you will poison yourself if you try to eat something new, especially if it is a new natural organic fruit, vegetable, nut, or grain.

Eating good healthy nutritious food instead of a habit of eating unhealthy overly processed food is going to be the hardest bad habit to break so do it gradually by scheduling to eat healthy once a week and gradually increase it to eating healthy at least 4 times a week.


Exercise occasionally:

You don’t have to exercise every day and 20 minutes about twice or three times a week is all that you need. You can even go for weeks and months not exercising at all because many of us get enough exercise doing housework and taking care of the offspring. If your job is very stressful then a regular daily exercise routine may help a little in reducing the stress.


Improve your relationship skills:

Learn to be more honest, sincere, and truthful with other humans and you will develop good trustworthy relationships with family, close friends, and acquaintances. Learn how to sincerely care for humans without becoming overly generous with your time, energy, and money.

My evergreen books LOVEALL, MODERN PARENTING, and GOOD MODERN BEHAVIORS can help you to learn what caring or nurturing and protecting means in real life and you will become more respected and admired by the humans which you interact with, especially your family.


Most of us lead very inefficient lives wasting much time, energy, and money which could be better spent elsewhere. Scheduling time for budgeting, healthy eating, exercise, relationships, and important priorities in your life such as education and making them good habits or things which you do on a regular basis will help greatly.

It takes about 3 months before a new habit becomes an automatic good habit so don’t get disappointed if you are not getting instant good results with the new schedule which you are working on. Be persistent and remain as selfmotivated as possible and get other humans, especially your significant other, to encourage you in your new lifestyle changes. Dare to succeed!!!!!!

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