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Emotional intelligence: n. the ability to accurately assess a human’s emotional circumstance and to proceed to communicate appropriately and/or to motivate samer human to achieve a goal(s)

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to impulsively control your impulsive desires to express intense anger, fear, hatred, jealousy, frustration and not offend or greatly threaten the human whom you are communicating with and not stimulate them into defensive intense emotional reactions. It is the ability to communicate these “negative” emotions where appropriate in a calm controlled way.  

EQ is also the ability to confidently communicate loving, caring, empathetic, praising, or inspiring emotions which motivate a human to do their best at achieving a goal(s).

Emotional intelligence can be used to do good and/or bad things and to some extent it is also the ability to manipulate other humans to achieve desired goal(s). That is why managers with high emotional intelligence are sought after in business and institutional enterprises.

Sociopaths are sometimes also good at manipulating gullible humans and they could also be said to have a high degree of EQ but they lack integrity so they are severely handicapped socially and they are usually never admired and respected by others with integrity.

Propagandists, dictators like Hitler, and politicians in general have high EQ and the more unscrupulous kind name call or stereotype and associate ideas and humans with angry, fearful, and hateful reactions motivating humans into action with these “negative” emotions. They optimize human motivation with both “positive” and “negative” emotions and are still idolized by brainwashed devoted followers. Hitler was an evil genius with a high EQ who motivated vast populations into obedient behaviors with anger, fear, hatred, pride, and love of the “fatherland”. He optimized the motivation in his Aryan hoards totally devoted to the conquest of the world.

Parents with high emotional intelligence usually have offspring with high emotional intelligence because it is learned from parental role models and personal experience with other good role models. Emotional intelligence can be acquired through extensive interactions and experience with a variety of humans throughout a lifetime and those who mostly learn from personal human experience and not much from parents or school role models are usually mature experienced middle aged and older humans who only acquire EQ late in life.


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