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Caution: n. doing something with conscientious forethought trying to  (predict danger and mistakes and/or avoid danger and mistakes) and/or trying to avoid external subset(s) which may change one’s immediate goal(s) and sometimes future goal(s) and/or avoidance of risky behavior(s)

We frequently think of caution in terms of avoiding dangerous behaviors which may lead to injury or death.

Some proceed with caution on the internet fearing identity theft or credit card theft.

Some humans are more cautious and fearful than others and are not impulsively friendly but choose to approach relationships conservatively and with great caution fearing to get hurt or being taken advantage of.

Some business humans are more cautious than others and fear making new decisions about a business out of a fear of change for the worst and lower or no profits.

Impulsive decisions in life are made by many. Those who can stop and conscientiously think of and plan for the future can have a considerable advantage over one who does not collect all the necessary information first. The latter frequently proceeds impulsively to lead life without thinking much about the consequences of their future actions.

Some take big risks in life but there are the smart risk takers and the rather inept ones. Having great knowledge about customers and finance, many useful skills such as human managerial skills, and doing conscientious planning ahead can all make the difference between a successful enterprise and a failed one.

There are many cautious humans impulsively guided by fear from past failures and bad experiences who don’t really learn much from them and their future actions are more inhibited than they should be.

Then there are the cautious humans who learn from their past mistakes and bad experiences and make conscientious plans for the future. The latter frequently have a plan B and plan C in mind if plan A fails.

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