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Big money has always been dominant in the stock market, big money used to be reliably powerful in politics before Trump’s election and will continue to be the prime motivating factor beyond his presidency, big money international corporations and banks are pushing leftist ideology and using it to discriminate against new workers who do not seem to fit the ideological mold. Big money technological companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft are also censoring info based on big money media suggestions which are also heavily left wing biased. Big pharma and big agriculture is creating untrustworthy medication with disastrous side effects and bad nutrient deficient food. Big universities give an overabundance of degrees in job poor areas.

What is the result? The stock market is no longer a trusted viable long term investment and traditional stock brokers are having a hard time finding new gullible clients. No reputable politician has a chance to be elected into high office, especially the presidency. Small successful companies are soon bought up by conglomerates and competition and innovation is severely reduced. Internet technology companies are censoring controversial and conservative ideas making a single ruling party highly likely in the future where competition of ideas will be almost nonexistent. Medicine and non organic food is of very poor quality. A university degree no longer means a guaranteed job but probably a lifetime of paying back outrageously expensive student loans.

Due to fake information, fake news, and politically correct yet flawed ideology there is generally a distrust of the media, politicians, corporate leaders, big pharma, big agriculture, big education, and big celebrities.

Can trust in our large institutions and leadership ever be recovered? The answer is probably not for a long time since once trust disappears it takes as much as a new generation of censored leadership to regain some semblance of trust which now seems like a highly unlikely scenario. The powerful monied class will just get more powerful and corrupt with the passing of time and only a slow moral revival from the ground up can hope to revitalize the morality of the citizenry and then that of the leadership.

Yes, censorship will try to reestablish a sense of order from the chaos but bot censorship will be highly unjust and cynicism will prevail for a long time among the common humans in society. If alternative media is permitted to exist then it will become the source of a revitalized morality which will create a renewed sense of trust in what appears on the internet in certain selective places.

Globalism and globalist propaganda will reign supreme and minority voices will be suppressed in favor of a mind numbing propagandistic status quo. Future brainwashing will be on a scale heretofore unprecedented as a handful of companies will control all published info with a minimum of dissenting voices permitted.

Sanctuary cities, successful attempts at voter fraud such as illegal aliens being given the right to vote in some places and ballot stacking in others, convicted felons who have served their time have been given the right to vote in Florida, the law favors open borders, laws are legalizing pot, opioids, mind altering drugs, and heavy medication of over 30% of the population with psychiatric drugs are just some of the signs of further moral decay all creating more and more chaos or disruption with each passing year.

Only about 15 % of the population is metabolically healthy according to one report, a majority of the population is overweight, a vast majority are on medications of some sort, moral financially responsible family units are struggling to survive and those that still exist are often living from paycheck to paycheck with no emergency funds for backup emergencies. The United States is not only in a moral crisis but a financial one with deficit spending running out of control and getting worse with each passing year.

So is there any reason for some optimism? Yes, the population of developed nations is shrinking since not enough are born to replace those that die off. Robots and computer software is replacing many boring and repetitive jobs. Interactive audio visual internet education may supplement an archaic dysfunctional educational system. Smartphones means more internet communication and less social driving around. Self driving cars will replace the need for private transportation and waste less energy in the long duration since many goods will be delivered door to door more efficiently.

Sure, this means most will be living on some kind of welfare or welfare assistance and leading rather boring purposeless lives. But life has never been fair, especially for those with little or no money making ability.

Will there eventually be a revolt of the oppressed masses? Probably not because too many will be strung out on alcohol and drugs to really care much about the sad state of affairs around them. Existence for most will be the bare basics-food, alcohol, drugs, and sex. Not a pretty sight but a highly likely future reality for most judging by current trends on into the future. Can a nation survive under these conditions? Yes, but the government will have to be a tyrannical one which it is getting more tyrannical with each passing year.

Is a more optimistic future possible? Yes, I have written in detail about such an optimistic scenario in my books and encyclopedic blog but the question is -will enough humans read it all and how many will pick up the gauntlet and run with it, especially those hoping to be in future leadership positions?

The globalists are in charge and they probably know where they want the world to be twenty years from now and even further down the road. In the meantime, lead your life with integrity, morality, sincerity, dependability, competence, friendliness, courage, useful selfeducation, and contribute to causes that you believe in with some of your hard earned money. If you succeed in doing that then you will have made a small part of the world a better place to live in. May your struggle be as peaceful as possible. Best wishes.

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Politics used to be rather boring and predictable with standard decorum and rituals or traditions which were repeated over and over again with boring regularity. Gone is the era of relative predictability and politics now is an all out slugfest where insults, put downs, name calling, ridicule, guilt by association, slander, and humiliation are standardly used against political opponents and media talking heads.

Traditional news conferences with the media are few and far between, there is no trust in the leadership of either party, the establishment or legacy media has justly been assailed as a biased source of some fake news, the highest levels of leadership positions have gone unfilled, and the current status of rational political discourse is a chaotic emotional shambles.

Economic prudence is out the window and the only area of political bipartisan agreement seems to be compromise on how much more money is going to be spent on bureaucratic entitlements while increasing the national debt.

There are no longer charismatic leaders which have been untainted by some corruption and many inexperienced and unqualified celebrities are written about as possible future presidents.

It is easy to use one human as a scapegoat and accuse Trump of being the sole cause of this chaotic political turnaround but the roots of the problem run much deeper. The cause of the current day situation is a basic moral corruption in society which glorifies promiscuity, hedonism, drug use, deviant lifestyles, and has a crude intolerant liberal ideology which has seeped into the educational system, the establishment media, and celebrities in general. Respect and admiration for the establishment has bit the dust and whether credibility and trust can be restored like the rising phoenix from the ashes of immoral behavior is debatable.

Nothing short of a moral revival can potentially cure the political and social malaise but it will take decades to reestablish. A secular moral code with real life current examples taught to all impressionable young minds in elementary schools is vital. Without this indoctrination the insecure and unpredictable state of society will not improve and trusting peaceful cooperation between citizens and between citizens and their leaders will not be possible in the long duration. Stringent media censorship and propagandizing a leftist intolerant ideology is not an easy and quick solution if the populace and leadership is basically immoral and corrupt.

What is necessary is a return to integrity or honesty and morality, family values, useful education, financial responsibility, and a media promoting objective journalism. Media not riddled with fake news using intimidation tactics, guilt by association, and ideological purity or political correctness is the only thing which will save this nation in the long duration from becoming a third world country or possibly even a tyranny.

Big money without a moral backbone corrupts internationally and nationally and it is no wonder that qualified smart humans don’t want to enter politics and get on an unending treadmill of money solicitations and molding their political discourse based on the latest dubious polling trends. Politicians sucking up to big money is proving to be the downfall of moral statesmanship which this country sorely needs more of. The health and wellbeing of the average citizen is being almost totally ignored. Religion used to help in filling the essential moral vacuum which today is becoming a moral vacuum without a common secular moral code as a trusted fervently believed behavioral guide.

Far from being pessimistic I see some hope in alternate media and the internet as long as it doesn’t become an exclusive propaganda mouthpiece of the ruling monied establishment. Ultimately if anything has the potential to improve a society it is a responsible press. In the era of the internet this means responsible moral individuals and organizations or groups with internet access to the world where they can promote their views and facts, hopefully in an open source way.

Moral communication and activity is vital. Without it society ceases to function efficiently and it degenerates into a costly bureaucratic surveillance society with safe gated communities and the rest functioning as best they can in an insecure survival of the fittest mode.

I personally don’t fear turmoil in society because it is a barometer of change in society which it definitely going on. How society will adapt and change in the face of political uncertainty is going to be an interesting circus to watch or follow. Will this circus last for another 7 years followed by more of the same is debatable but well worth the wait. Enjoy!

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Start from scratch with little or no money and a great idea(s) and the chances that you will succeed in promoting your passion(s) in life successfully are highly unlikely.

First of all a powerful successful organization has monetary rewards to give all those who work in promoting their agenda,

they have prestigious humans or influencers on their staff or who act as affiliates which further their credibility,

they can run a membership campaign soliciting new members to their cause or causes,

they can have an advertising wing which promotes their goal(s) and certifies other members who agree to propagandize also on their behalf for a fee if necessary,

they can get priority placement on search engines,

they can sell brand related goods such as mugs, t-shirts, sport apparel, cosmetics, jewelry, etc. which disseminates their brand recognition worldwide,

They can tempt you with overblown promises of possible prizes, big,money or give coupons and free or discounted offers,

they can host house parties, media tours, listening tours, music concerts, political gatherings, sports competitions, parades, host or participate in charities with much public appeal and participate in conventions and fairs,

In effect, wherever there is mass public appeal they can host it or become participants in the public activity and promote their brand(s) or cause(s).

In effect with money and the right organizational structure backed by influencers and even celebrities you can have a powerful impact via the internet and grow and flourish as an organization.

All the above are possible with money and influence and without money or influence to start off with the odds are greatly to your disadvantage.

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Simon Cowell

Follow your passion is frequently not the best advice for a fulfilling good job. Star celebrity musicians, singers, actors, sport athletes, news casters, radio talk show gurus, writers, and fashion designers get the most attention and get many passionate followers all hoping to be like them.

Sadly you need much inborn talent and an excellent memory which most humans don’t have and the result is frequently much failure and disappointment for all the passionate human followers. Those socially glorified great paying jobs are frequently held by one in a million humans and most humans don’t realize that the odds are stacked against you succeeding in any of the above fields.

To be truly happy and successful you need to find a useful and successful job which you can handle mentally and physically and make good money at it.

Here is an article in the Huffington Post which shows you that some of the happiest humans are not the ones who followed their passion but found a useful good paying job instead and are happy doing it.


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