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Before I descend into a relatively pessimistic future outlook I want to point out the optimistic developments in the United States at the present time. The housing market is relatively stable if you don’t include a shortage of rental apartments at a reasonable rental rate. Car ownership is high and many can still afford the transportation even though the costs of maintaining cars are taking up a larger and larger percentage of earned income. The airlines and travel business seems to be doing fine.

Theft is not getting out of hand due to surveillance cameras almost everywhere and there is relatively successful law enforcement even though the incarceration rate is relatively high. There are affordable electronic security devices for those who have valuable things which can be readily stolen. Most humans who want social contact and readily available information can access the worldwide web with their computers or cellphones that don’t bust their budget.

Economic hard times are bringing humans together into smaller living quarters out of necessity and more humans are once again learning to live together under more stressful thrifty circumstances. The opportunities to improve oneself through selfeducation are available on the internet for all those courageous and determined individuals who want to make something more of themselves. Opportunity is not dead even though the traditional educational system is a colossal failure job wise and is morally corrupt with a leftist dogmatic ideology, especially in academia, dominating to the point where dissent and opposing views are being overtly suppressed.

Now we will delve into all the minuses of what’s left of the traditional culture and then end with an attempt at proposing measures which may improve things if courageously implemented from the top down by moral leadership.

Moral decay is what the major problem is with fewer and fewer examples of good role models with integrity to be found in leadership positions. It is sad to see too many celebrities with drug abuse problems, promiscuity, profanity, left wing dogmatic ideology, and bad marital relationships being paraded for all to see in the media. Historically the media has been and is being the source of moral decay with its portrayal of drug use, gambling, promiscuity, profanity, violence, and dysfunctional family life all overly dramatized to merely shock and entertain the viewing audience. The real problem with the media and entertainment industry is that it has replaced a tolerance for deviant behavior with a glorification of deviant behavior which has further led to a destruction of financially responsible moral family units and values.

With a celebrity president much rational objective discourse has been abandoned in favor of a tabloid press which sensationalizes most news events and even manufactures news events which has just added to the problem of fake news, fake information, and fake reviews. Trust in the media and in the leadership is at an all time low. Knowing what is true and what is not becomes ever harder to determine.

Many good reputations are being destroyed almost overnight and once destroyed it is almost impossible to regain that reputation back again. Trust in celebrities, academia, politicians, the media, and other leadership positions has been ruined and once trust is broken it can take a whole generation of moral behavior to regain that trust again. Chaotic or bad leadership is the result of moral decay, especially when globalist money is in charge of the media and economy with a left leaning dogmatic propagandized ideology which obliterates rational objective truth and tries to brainwash the world into politically correct subservience.

With the exception of the technological financially well off elite, the rest of the population becomes and remains more ignorant than ever. Computer software and artificial intelligence can play better chess and better poker than human players as it also begins to replace human jobs by the bucketful even in the traditional professional areas long thought to be safe from robotization.

Yes, soon we should have smarter robot parents, robot teachers, robot doctors, etc. who will be examples of moral integrity with the potential to be respected and admired. Putting robots in charge of raising a new generation of moral offspring is the ultimate solution to an army of dysfunctional parent role models which are so numerous in the United States and the world in general.

So there is hope in the future for humanity once it is aided and largely replaced by smart moral robots and computer software. Who will program and supervise the smart robots? The technological elite may prevail and unfortunately they are going to be almost the only remaining top down source of excellence and moral leadership. Yes, things should get better but it will be a rather long time coming and hopefully the constitution will not be bastardized and warped by an overly zealous left wing ideological judiciary during that duration.

If you are largely ignorant of technology with a poverty paycheck or on welfare then you unfortunately will just become a citizen of a nation largely populated by mostly sheepish humans ruled by corrupt politicians or a smart moral or immoral technological elite. Which alternative is chosen should be up to voting citizens but judging by historical precedent the rule will probably be with the money and left wing tyrannical ideology of the corrupt globalists.

I have tried to aid in this moral renaissance by proposing a secular moral code for the world to teach to all impressionable young minds in detail with abundant examples so that almost every 13 year old will know what is right and wrong when it comes to interacting with other humans. The secular moral code is- in non emergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. Details of this secular moral code are available in my Amazon book SECULAR MORAL CODE and you can search my website with keywords for more details. Happy hunting. Enjoy!

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The title is a current book by Mark R. Levin which covers the role of the press in the history of the United States. It is a real eye opener because it shows how the press worked hand in hand with political parties and was always biased to a certain extent politically.

Today the press is being increasingly dominated by one globalist ideology which favors big international banks, international corporations, and basically benefits the rich who are getting richer as the rest of the nation becomes poorer. The ideology currently in the name of Socialism will continue to decimate the middle class and threatens to make most of the nation predominantly a welfare class of relatively poor individuals with a low standard of living. The economic strength of the nation will be greatly reduced and it may end up in third world status along the way some day.

Academia, celebrities, big corporations, big media, and big government is overwhelmingly populated by democrats so the hotbed of this globalist ideology is the democratic party. The democrats continue their power grab by trying to ruin the reputation of humans who disagree with them politically with insults, put downs, name calling, humiliation, ridicule, black listing and essentially are engaged in as much censorship via the internet of opposing views as possible. The ultimate goal seems to be a one party nation which is brainwashed into subservience via the media and they hope to instill a fear of challenging the ruling party ideology.

Thank goodness we are still a ways from a one party nation with absolute control over our lives so there is still some hope that the globalist ideology will not reign supreme everywhere in the nation. Maybe technology and the technological elite will rescue us from an onslaught of one sided propaganda and a return to integrity, morality, and credibility in the media will occur but I am not holding my breath for this to happen any time soon.

We are currently in an era of pseudo or fake news and fake information in general. Will integrity, morality, and credibility be restored in the media which is quickly dying and is desperately trying to survive in an era of sound bites and short videos? Only time will tell and Trump is doing his share of the fighting the media with similar tactics of insults, put downs, name calling, ridicule, and humiliation. The media bemoan the lack of civility but they are the primary cause of it in their tabloid like coverage of the news and hatred of Trump.

Mark Levin is one of the few smart humans who is trying to maintain a traditional view of the constitution with all of it’s protected rights or liberty for the individual and not the overwhelming collectivism of the left wing tyrannical ideology. I highly recommend his book.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 4800 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EVERGREEN TRUTH, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

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Trump is a maverick with an authoritarian, egotistical, overt or blatant, and impulsive leadership style badly suited to traditional politics with civil, consensus seeking, compromise oriented, openness to lobbying, and coordinating style of leadership.

He seems to prefer yes men and women and is not very good at selecting highly qualified political bureaucrats who also are willing to put into action his rather mercurial demands or orders. In effect, Trump seems to largely be a one man operation rather than a cohesive team effort in whatever he tries to do in the office of the presidency.

Trump is an unorthodox politician who is basically a one man operation being hated by most of academia, celebrities, Democrats, establishment media, and the leadership of the deep state.

One may even falsely conclude that he is hated by the globalists or the international banks and corporations but I disagree. Once Trump loses the presidency and the Democrats come back into power the left wing globalist ideology will continue to flourish with a vengeance and the authoritarian style started by Trump will assert itself with a vengeance only with the Democrats making all the power moves towards socialism and the further decline of the United States as a powerful economic global force.

The globalists want nothing better than weak national governments that they can control politically and force them to do their bidding as they centralize their money clout into fewer and fewer hands internationally.

If you think that Trump’s authoritarian style of leadership threatens the Democratic Republican constitutional government just wait until the Democrats start ruling in the same authoritarian style of leadership. It won’t be a pretty sight and the constitution will eventually be transformed beyond recognition or become highly impotent to stop the inevitable Democrat left wing ideological power grab.

While Trump is the president, the political chaos doesn’t bother me a bit. But once Trump’s presidency ends and the Democrats or ruling elite take over with their globalist left wing ideology, I fear that they will begin ruling with an iron fist and impose their socially disruptive laws on the nation which will then never recover from their stupidity.

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The internet and technology opened the door to worldwide communications and made information from almost unlimited sources to become available. The long duration result was an atomized existence for most humans pursuing their own interests, wanting instant gratification, and not being brainwashed by a dominant media with just one basic cultural agenda.

More articles and books are published on a yearly basis than ever before but fewer and fewer humans are spending their time reading them. The traditional half hour or hour programs on radio and TV are fast losing their appeal as humans more and more want their information in short sound and video bytes and are quick to change channels, shows, or videos if they can’t maintain their interest.

The net result is a loss in cultural traditions and shared opinions on many things. Traditional moral values are being assaulted and immorality is on the rise. Almost nothing is sacred anymore and deviant lifestyles run rampant destroying family life and social cohesion. Trust in the leadership is at an all time low and relatively few leaders remain with impeccable reputations.

A descent into social chaos is occurring and almost no one has a solution on how to prevent the destructive forces and emerge with an effective antidote or solutions to the increasing problems of addictions to bad behavior and drugs.

The fundamental problem is a moral corruption which the left leaning academia, celebrities, media, and even deep state are trying to cure with a left wing ideology and censorship of opposing views which exacerbates the problem and doesn’t really cure the dysfunctional morality and lifestyles. Left wing propaganda not guided by reason, morality, and just legal traditions will not work in the long run and has to be enforced by coercive means and oppressive censorship.

Is there room for optimistic views about the future? Yes, smart robots and smart interactive audio visual software will eventually teach young offspring a commonly believed secular moral code and by the age of about 13 most will know what is impulsively right or wrong to do. A useful education which includes math and basic scientific principles will be taught to everyone who puts in the time and effort to learn to the best of their ability and the rest will be destined to live on welfare with free useful education available to all who want to rejoin the workforce and become contributing members of society. The amount of welfare given will be directly proportional to the amount of useful education which they have learned even if they remain unemployed.

We can have a moral nation or world where ability and effort will be rewarded and if you chose not to participate in usefully educating yourself further for free then you will exist for the rest of your life on a safety net of minimal welfare support, and probably without a family.

What is this secular moral code? In non emergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

Call this social proposal a dystopian or utopian world but it is the most just social order imaginable for all practical purposes in a future world ruled by a technological elite with most of the population effectively unemployed for a lifetime.

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It is tragic when money becomes the primary motivation and morality takes a back seat in an anything goes power struggle for dominance.

Top universities accept bribes or donations which predominate in many enrollment decisions and phony enhanced resumes are made for a fee by shady enterprises and then submitted by the children of wealthy parents to top universities.

A financially failing establishment media resorts to tabloid sensationalism to try and enhance their ratings and hopefully boost their bottom line.

The leadership of the deep state colludes with the media and justice department in a more than two year drawn out systematic investigation of Russian collusion by the president only to find out after spending millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money that there was no Russian collusion. During those more than two years it was trial by public media without any real evidence but a stated certitude of guilt by association and circumstantial dubious so called evidence.

Celebrities joined the media in the BS fest with profanities, ridicule, insults, put downs, name calling, humiliations, and merciless criticism. Promiscuity and female abuse and exploitation was and probably still is quite rampant and acceptable in the entertainment business.

Neither the Democratic nor the Republican party has any charismatic and morally sound candidates either in office or running for office. Since the establishment media is on a steep decline it is debatable whether any candidate will be able to work their way up to enough name recognition to challenge Trump with a somewhat notorious nationwide celebrity name recognition.

Big money tech firms and international and national corporations are showing an ideological left wing bias which is further evidence of international globalist collusion with monetary world domination as a goal.

There was and perhaps always has been a politicization of the Supreme Court and recently there are overt attempts at making ideology dominant over constitutional principles.

Opioid and drug abuse is killing more young adults than car accidents, ruining many lives, and marijuana stocks are the new business money craze.

No serious legislative attempts are made to solve illegal border crossings and fundamentally Congress is deadlocked and thus dysfunctional. Can cheap labor and future Democrats be the reason for the Congressional deadlock which goes back about 30 years?

I could go on and on bitching about the sorry state of affairs the United States is in and unfortunately the only solution is more transparency or public internet knowledge of governmental functions, government workers, and special interests which are humans, institutions, businesses, and foreign nations lobbying Congress and their relatives with sweetheart deals.

I left out the most important long duration solution to corruption and that is a fundamentally moral public. A secular moral code should be taught to all impressionable young elementary students so that they know what is right and what is wrong by the age of about 13 so they can be considered to be moral adults.

Knowing what is right or wrong, moral or immoral is a fundamental necessity for humans since the dawn of human cultural history and ethical or moral relativity is just not a good foundation for impulsively judging humans who comprise the vast majority of any national population. By the age of about 13 children should IMPULSIVELY know what is right or wrong from a moral and if you prefer an ethical viewpoint.

Believing in a secular moral or ethical code is a form of self government over one’s behaviors in society because forced morality from above is impossible to enforce if the public does not believe in it and has not been indoctrinated from early childhood. What is that secular moral code? I have offered my suggestion for one in my blog and book titled Secular Moral Code.

If interested the secular moral code is- in nonemergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

Religion is on the decline worldwide and has been the major repository of morality or advice on how to live peacefully with your fellow humans. Take away religion and a moral indoctrination and you have chaotic dysfunctional behavior in humans. Religious morality has some drawbacks because of all the mythology which is no longer believable in the modern world. But religious morality absolutely must be replaced with a secular morality which most can agree with and form a necessary consensus of opinion.

Join me in trying to make a secular morality popular among the movers and shakers of this world. More realistically try practicing this morality in your own and children’s lives. Of course you will need details so start searching my encyclopedic blog by keyword and if you are not interested in morality questions and answers then pick topics like parenting, relationships, marriage, dating, love, integrity, trustworthiness, honesty, truth, etc. Happy hunting!


Big money has always been dominant in the stock market, big money used to be reliably powerful in politics before Trump’s election and will continue to be the prime motivating factor beyond his presidency, big money international corporations and banks are pushing leftist ideology and using it to discriminate against new workers who do not seem to fit the ideological mold. Big money technological companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft are also censoring info based on big money media suggestions which are also heavily left wing biased. Big pharma and big agriculture is creating untrustworthy medication with disastrous side effects and bad nutrient deficient food. Big universities give an overabundance of degrees in job poor areas.

What is the result? The stock market is no longer a trusted viable long term investment and traditional stock brokers are having a hard time finding new gullible clients. No reputable politician has a chance to be elected into high office, especially the presidency. Small successful companies are soon bought up by conglomerates and competition and innovation is severely reduced. Internet technology companies are censoring controversial and conservative ideas making a single ruling party highly likely in the future where competition of ideas will be almost nonexistent. Medicine and non organic food is of very poor quality. A university degree no longer means a guaranteed job but probably a lifetime of paying back outrageously expensive student loans.

Due to fake information, fake news, and politically correct yet flawed ideology there is generally a distrust of the media, politicians, corporate leaders, big pharma, big agriculture, big education, and big celebrities.

Can trust in our large institutions and leadership ever be recovered? The answer is probably not for a long time since once trust disappears it takes as much as a new generation of censored leadership to regain some semblance of trust which now seems like a highly unlikely scenario. The powerful monied class will just get more powerful and corrupt with the passing of time and only a slow moral revival from the ground up can hope to revitalize the morality of the citizenry and then that of the leadership.

Yes, censorship will try to reestablish a sense of order from the chaos but bot censorship will be highly unjust and cynicism will prevail for a long time among the common humans in society. If alternative media is permitted to exist then it will become the source of a revitalized morality which will create a renewed sense of trust in what appears on the internet in certain selective places.

Globalism and globalist propaganda will reign supreme and minority voices will be suppressed in favor of a mind numbing propagandistic status quo. Future brainwashing will be on a scale heretofore unprecedented as a handful of companies will control all published info with a minimum of dissenting voices permitted.

Sanctuary cities, successful attempts at voter fraud such as illegal aliens being given the right to vote in some places and ballot stacking in others, convicted felons who have served their time have been given the right to vote in Florida, the law favors open borders, laws are legalizing pot, opioids, mind altering drugs, and heavy medication of over 30% of the population with psychiatric drugs are just some of the signs of further moral decay all creating more and more chaos or disruption with each passing year.

Only about 15 % of the population is metabolically healthy according to one report, a majority of the population is overweight, a vast majority are on medications of some sort, moral financially responsible family units are struggling to survive and those that still exist are often living from paycheck to paycheck with no emergency funds for backup emergencies. The United States is not only in a moral crisis but a financial one with deficit spending running out of control and getting worse with each passing year.

So is there any reason for some optimism? Yes, the population of developed nations is shrinking since not enough are born to replace those that die off. Robots and computer software is replacing many boring and repetitive jobs. Interactive audio visual internet education may supplement an archaic dysfunctional educational system. Smartphones means more internet communication and less social driving around. Self driving cars will replace the need for private transportation and waste less energy in the long duration since many goods will be delivered door to door more efficiently.

Sure, this means most will be living on some kind of welfare or welfare assistance and leading rather boring purposeless lives. But life has never been fair, especially for those with little or no money making ability.

Will there eventually be a revolt of the oppressed masses? Probably not because too many will be strung out on alcohol and drugs to really care much about the sad state of affairs around them. Existence for most will be the bare basics-food, alcohol, drugs, and sex. Not a pretty sight but a highly likely future reality for most judging by current trends on into the future. Can a nation survive under these conditions? Yes, but the government will have to be a tyrannical one which it is getting more tyrannical with each passing year.

Is a more optimistic future possible? Yes, I have written in detail about such an optimistic scenario in my books and encyclopedic blog but the question is -will enough humans read it all and how many will pick up the gauntlet and run with it, especially those hoping to be in future leadership positions?

The globalists are in charge and they probably know where they want the world to be twenty years from now and even further down the road. In the meantime, lead your life with integrity, morality, sincerity, dependability, competence, friendliness, courage, useful selfeducation, and contribute to causes that you believe in with some of your hard earned money. If you succeed in doing that then you will have made a small part of the world a better place to live in. May your struggle be as peaceful as possible. Best wishes.

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Politics used to be rather boring and predictable with standard decorum and rituals or traditions which were repeated over and over again with boring regularity. Gone is the era of relative predictability and politics now is an all out slugfest where insults, put downs, name calling, ridicule, guilt by association, slander, and humiliation are standardly used against political opponents and media talking heads.

Traditional news conferences with the media are few and far between, there is no trust in the leadership of either party, the establishment or legacy media has justly been assailed as a biased source of some fake news, the highest levels of leadership positions have gone unfilled, and the current status of rational political discourse is a chaotic emotional shambles.

Economic prudence is out the window and the only area of political bipartisan agreement seems to be compromise on how much more money is going to be spent on bureaucratic entitlements while increasing the national debt.

There are no longer charismatic leaders which have been untainted by some corruption and many inexperienced and unqualified celebrities are written about as possible future presidents.

It is easy to use one human as a scapegoat and accuse Trump of being the sole cause of this chaotic political turnaround but the roots of the problem run much deeper. The cause of the current day situation is a basic moral corruption in society which glorifies promiscuity, hedonism, drug use, deviant lifestyles, and has a crude intolerant liberal ideology which has seeped into the educational system, the establishment media, and celebrities in general. Respect and admiration for the establishment has bit the dust and whether credibility and trust can be restored like the rising phoenix from the ashes of immoral behavior is debatable.

Nothing short of a moral revival can potentially cure the political and social malaise but it will take decades to reestablish. A secular moral code with real life current examples taught to all impressionable young minds in elementary schools is vital. Without this indoctrination the insecure and unpredictable state of society will not improve and trusting peaceful cooperation between citizens and between citizens and their leaders will not be possible in the long duration. Stringent media censorship and propagandizing a leftist intolerant ideology is not an easy and quick solution if the populace and leadership is basically immoral and corrupt.

What is necessary is a return to integrity or honesty and morality, family values, useful education, financial responsibility, and a media promoting objective journalism. Media not riddled with fake news using intimidation tactics, guilt by association, and ideological purity or political correctness is the only thing which will save this nation in the long duration from becoming a third world country or possibly even a tyranny.

Big money without a moral backbone corrupts internationally and nationally and it is no wonder that qualified smart humans don’t want to enter politics and get on an unending treadmill of money solicitations and molding their political discourse based on the latest dubious polling trends. Politicians sucking up to big money is proving to be the downfall of moral statesmanship which this country sorely needs more of. The health and wellbeing of the average citizen is being almost totally ignored. Religion used to help in filling the essential moral vacuum which today is becoming a moral vacuum without a common secular moral code as a trusted fervently believed behavioral guide.

Far from being pessimistic I see some hope in alternate media and the internet as long as it doesn’t become an exclusive propaganda mouthpiece of the ruling monied establishment. Ultimately if anything has the potential to improve a society it is a responsible press. In the era of the internet this means responsible moral individuals and organizations or groups with internet access to the world where they can promote their views and facts, hopefully in an open source way.

Moral communication and activity is vital. Without it society ceases to function efficiently and it degenerates into a costly bureaucratic surveillance society with safe gated communities and the rest functioning as best they can in an insecure survival of the fittest mode.

I personally don’t fear turmoil in society because it is a barometer of change in society which it definitely going on. How society will adapt and change in the face of political uncertainty is going to be an interesting circus to watch or follow. Will this circus last for another 7 years followed by more of the same is debatable but well worth the wait. Enjoy!

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