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Attention: n. focusing and interacting bodily and/or mentally on some subset(s) to the relative exclusion of other subsets

Young offspring love to be the “center of attention” and will cry, throw tantrums, misbehave, demand or ask for things, get into mischief, and curiously roam and experiment with the environment around them causing parents to frequently monitor their every move or pay attention to them.

“Pay attention to me” is frequently the complaint of parents, teachers, and other authority humans who want to control or lead sometimes resistant followers.

Celebrities crave attention and will do some somewhat crazy even notorious things once in a while to get more attention when their popularity starts to wane.

Politicians and business leaders also desire much attention from citizens and consumers.

Historically some tyrants have even erected statues to themselves trying to remain in the minds of their followers at every turn. Today politicians relish being in the most popular media with as much exposure as possible to keep their likenesses in front of public view as much as possible.

Business humans also want their products and services to be the center of attention in human minds and their repetitive ads in the media are attempts to brainwash or more accurately focus the attention of the public on their products and services.

A general truism is that many humans all over the world are scrambling for more attention because more attention frequently translates into more power and money.

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