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Helping others, giving to charity, or volunteering reinforce our moral values and actually chemically makes us feel better. Giving to charity is a transient good feeling but volunteering and interacting with humans and giving something of yourself usually increases your sense of selfworth and makes you feel good about the kindness which you are demonstrating. Gratitude on the part of the receiver is also appreciated and makes us feel good about an overall positive interaction.

Volunteering can not only boost your selfesteem but it can also boost your friendliness quotient and improve your bonding potential with others. Volunteering can be a rewarding experience, it can boost your mood, give you a sense of purpose, lower stress, and give you a sense of belonging to the community. Volunteering also can increase your sense of gratitude for what you have and will provide guidelines for how you can help yourself in times of need.

Most important is helping others by mentoring them to succeed in life. Whether you are mentoring offspring or an adult to follow in your footsteps and then exceed you, you are creating the leaders of tomorrow and this will give you great satisfaction latter in life. The bonding which happens during mentoring can lead to lifelong friendships which will definitely increase your happiness quotient.

Finally kindness is often contagious and often reciprocated by moral humans whom you are being kind to. Being able to help a friend in need with advice or other kinds of emotional or physical support will make you happier in many cases and your friend may reciprocate the favor at some point in the future. Even though the personal benefits of volunteering or helping acquaintances and strangers may not be as rewarding as helping a friend it can be rewarding none the less.

There are sociopaths, selfish individuals, and miserly types who help others only if they feel that they will get more back at some point in the future. Most moral individuals have been taught that helping others or being kind is a good thing and they help others because they feel it is the righteous thing to do and they feel good doing it most of the time. Interaction with moral humans is what makes happiness possible so don’t be overly disappointed or unhappy if not everyone appreciates your kind helping attitude because not everyone is moral.


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Charity: n. giving personal and/or organizational welfare to the needy

Personal charitable contributions keep a charitable organization alive but you should try to donate to organizations with approximately a 10% management overhead.

If you discover that ninety cents out of a dollar is going for administrative costs and only 10% to the charitable cause then you should avoid such organizations like the plague because they are really fraudulent organizations meant to enrich the owners or managers and little else.

Many charitable causes promoted by celebrities unfortunately also have extremely high overhead costs and you really should not donate any of your hard earned money to them.

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The answer is yes in many cases because being on welfare means not having to pay for medical care, food, shelter, and basic needs which most humans working at minimum wage can’t afford.

Here are some links which present the problem and offer realistic solutions:





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Welfare: n. helping a human(s) with ingus

Ingus: n. information and/or goods and/or services

Most of us think that being on welfare should be a social stigma to be looked down upon.

In the real technological, robotizing, monopolizing, internet world humans lose their seemingly permanent jobs and can’t find work quick enough to keep them from financially becoming destitute and also unemployed.

Students starting out in life without family support with diplomas also can’t find menial jobs where the competition is ferocious in bad economic times.

Unwed mothers go on welfare because the males can’t support them and their offspring and they don’t make enough income to support their brood.

In effect there is definitely a need for welfare for the unemployed and also destitute whether male or female with children and at whatever age. There should be a social safety net for all these unfortunate humans and the government welfare should provide them with minimal basic standardized necessities door to door and the hope for and an opportunity to reeducate themselves in a useful technological skill for free over the internet.

This way all those with the wrong kind of liberal arts education which is job poor or those with poor education to begin with can through personal time, effort, reeducation, and achievement at home again qualify for a real job in the real world of job scarcity.

Yes, some will not want to work at all at minimum wage and will try to stay on welfare because they feel that they can’t reeducate themselves for a useful job.

If that is the case then they should remain on permanent bare subsistence welfare with no right to own a motorized vehicle and the government should supply them with basic necessities door to door. This is to make their support as efficient as possible because they will in effect have become permanent human parasites living off the labor of the working middle class.

Life on welfare should be forcefully thrifty and no one on welfare should be cruising shopping malls or bars looking for fun and excitement at taxpayer’s expense.

My evergreen truth book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS details the necessary changes needed to avoid bankrupting the national budget with an over generous welfare system.

Yes, there will basically be two classes of citizens- the employed and the unemployed and also destitute and they should no longer have equal political rights because one class will be comprised of basically permanent parasitic welfare recipients through little fault of their own.


Technology is devastating old jobs and most are just not smart enough to figure out a way out of their financially bankrupt situation. Government can provide free internet education with those who still hope to escape their financial sinkhole but we must admit that in a job poor world there will be armies of citizens on welfare into the foreseeable future.

The kind of welfare safety net must radically change from the present one but an efficient new safety net is a necessity for the future armies of citizens on permanent welfare due to technological efficiency and hopefully an end to make work dehumanizing jobs in government, subsidized corporations, and elsewhere.

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Charity begins at home.

This just suggests that your first priority should be helping your family with important problems. Then you can spend time, energy, and money trying to help other humans with charitable gestures.



Clothes don’t make the human.


Good clothes can try to mask a bad human being who is flawed to a somewhat large degree. Looking good does not necessarily mean being a good personality.

Looks can be deceiving.


Some people surround themselves with expensive possessions that they don’t own outright and surround themselves with beautiful humans to create the impression that they are wealthy and successful when in fact they may be barely alive financially and are just putting on a good appearance to con you out of some money or a favor.


Confession is good for the mind.


Admitting to someone or even yourself that you did something wrong or bad will help you to feel better about the transgression.

Cutting off a mule’s ear will not change the mule


Making superficial changes in your looks or behavior will not change a basically flawed personality type or bad human.


Dead humans don’t bite.


This is only true if you are not fighting the actions of a dead human’s surrogates who are executing his or her living trust that is still affecting you legally or financially and badly.


Patience is a virtue.


Most worthwhile goals in life are reached with much patience and effort so patience can frequently be a virtue.  However, extreme patience is frequently a sign that there is probably much lazy activity going on or that it is an improbable goal and it’s pursuit should cease or be greatly reduced.


The bigger they are, the harder they fall.


This just means that high status humans who fail go down many more status steps. When they have to start at the bottom of the hierarchy again then they also frequently suffer more emotional pain and depression than common humans who have had similar but smaller decreases in status.


Possession is nine tenths of the law.


This is just true for stolen items with little monetary value. If you steal a small object it is very hard and frequently impossible to prove that it is not yours. It is much harder to steal a valuable object such as a car or a house and not get arrested.


The doors of wisdom are never shut.


This just means that you can always get wiser as you age if you choose to do so.

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The grass is always greener in someone else’s yard.

This is largely true because no matter how well off you are you will always be able to find someone who is better off than you financially, is more prestigious, or has a better family life than you.  That person can then become the source of pessimistic envy or optimistic motivation to do even better in life.


Easy come, easy go.


This applies to people who get a lot of money very quickly and also wind up spending it almost as quickly. Perfect examples of this are many lotto winners who very quickly spend their riches in a thousand and one stupid ways and wind up where they started- almost broke. There are exceptions to this principle but there are few who, without experience in money management, wind up investing the money wisely.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


If you don’t invest your time, energy, and money in something, then you will probably not make much progress in your life and gain nothing of importance. Some people may get lucky and inherit money without venturing anything, but this happens to very few people.



Every achievement requires a sacrifice


This just states the fact that investing your time, energy, and money trying to achieve something means that other important things in your life will have to be ignored or sacrificed.

Time with family, friends, and hobbies are some of the things that may be sacrificed. An achievement may mean that you sacrifice a bad habit which may mean cruising bars too much. In this later case you are not really sacrificing or giving up anything that is truly useful.


It’s good to give extra money to charity


In an age of government welfare funded with your money, private charities are just not that necessary. You can still give money to worthwhile causes or charities such as medical research into an illness or give money to a children’s hospital.

When money speaks, the truth frequently keeps silent.


This basically means that money has no morals and can be used for good or bad, truthful or untruthful purposes. Deceitful humans can use money badly and truth suffers. Obviously, if money is used for good and truthful purposes then the truth does not keep silent.

Money doesn’t grow on trees.


This is almost always true unless you are in the lumber business.

Keep something in reserve for emergencies


Save something for a rainy day- says the same thing.


Save money and money will save you.


This is especially true for medical or financial emergencies, especially when your credit line is maxed out.  It makes good sense to put away some money for the proverbial rainy day or emergency days in your life. Save enough money and you can retire early. Unfortunately inflation reduces the value of saved money over time and most investments these days are a scam, especially the stock market.


Whatever you have spend less.


This is one of the major ways of successfully saving money. If you spend less of your money then you will have more left over to save, invest, or spend on something truly useful and necessary.

Politics is used for personal gain


Personal gain is definitely what special interest groups want, believe in, and try to get. Rare is the politician these days that wants political office primarily so that he can change society for the better.


Redistributing wealth is imperative


Redistributing wealth by stealing from those who have it and giving it to those that don’t is not a just way of spreading the wealth unless you are unemployed and also destitute and need someone’s money to survive physically.  As much as possible, the society should reward effort, merit, and achievement with good paying jobs in society that reflect a more just distribution of earned wealth.

Inheritance of old wealth should be promoted by polygamous marriages for the very wealthy so that inherited money will often go to more than one family member.          Politically redistributing wealth to special interest groups is also not a just way of spreading the money around since most of these special interest groups do not generally promote the welfare of all the people.

Some government money can be redistributed and it should go into free internet education in highly technological fields and their corresponding good paying jobs.  This way government can reward effort, merit, and achievement in an objective way. Liberal arts education is just too subjective an area with a lot of propaganda that isn’t helping society at large and this kind of education should only be in the hands of private institutions of learning.

CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS is an evergreen book which I have written that goes into great detail about how government money should flow into education for those on welfare and those still in school.


Much saved money can give you the freedom to do what you really want or to do nothing at all.


Enough saved money can set you free of having to work for a living for a while or even for the rest of your life.

With money you can buy a house, but not a home.


This basically means that a good relationship with your significant other or spouse and children is what makes for a homey atmosphere in the house that you own.  Just buying a house will not usually improve your relationship with those closest to you if the relationship is not very good in the first place.


With money you can buy a doctor, but not good health.


Good health comes from eating a healthy variety of minimally processed organic foods, sleeping well, not overstressing your mind and body, and getting a little exercise.  A doctor will usually cure or mask an illness with synthetic drugs which have even worse side effects but may not improve your health which really needs good living advice and practices.


With money you can buy a book, but not knowledge.


Just buying a lot of books and not reading them will not make you any smarter. Reading much fiction and wordy non-fiction books will just mostly waste most of your time, money, and effort and not give you much useful knowledge which can be applied in the real world.


With money you can buy a position, but not respect.


Politicians can often get elected by spending a lot of money on a campaign but if they are not morally sound people then they will not be respected by the people and may loose political office the next time around. There are exceptions where respect can develop after buying a position because the person may be very moral and really become good at the job.

I have written an evergreen book HOW TO SAVE MONEY which should be very useful if you would like to save some for luxuries that you can’t afford now or if you would like to invest some in a better education and job. Not many of us save money these days and it is a lost art which can really improve your life in a thousand and one ways.


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