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Science can be extremely complicated but it’s progress can be generally explained in a human desire to explain the very very small and the very very big.

Explaining infinity or something never ending and zero is still a mystery and the cause of singularities in physics which are really unexplainable. Concepts such as black holes and dark matter, dark energy, dark frequency, and dark gravity have been hypothesized to try and make sense out of the seeming birth and death and movement of stars and galaxies yet no simplified explanation really accounts for the seeming turbulence that exists in space as seen through the Hubble telescope.

Space can’t be placed in a laboratory and experimented on so most of our seeming understanding of the cosmos has never left theorizing mode and it seems will remain there on into the foreseeable future. I personally don’t believe in the creationist over simplified big bang origin of the universe because not everything, especially the universe, has to be created or have a beginning and end. It is frankly the reason why we have had to come up with unknown concepts of dark or black anything to try and explain the nature of the universe.

This universe is supposedly accelerating based on current analyses primarily because of big bang assumptions and the assumption that the speed of light is constant. I really don’t believe this to be reality because what is the mysterious force which is causing the acceleration? Dark matter is causing it to accelerate? If dark matter is pushing everything away from each other then how do you explain colliding attracting galaxies and blue shifts from about 100 locations in the universe? To date there is no coherent theory which explains everything logically about the universe so the over simplified expansion view  and general relativity is just not going to work in the long duration. We need new and better theories about the nature of the universe which I don’t believe has an origin but is infinite in time and space.

Science has been more successful at explaining the very small as it has used chemistry, microscopes, and MRI’s to probe and discover the behavior of bacteria, viruses, DNA, chemicals, and electromagnetic waves inside and outside the body. Yet despite dubious experimental evidence of the super tiny Higg’s bozon and gravitational waves we still don’t really fully understand how electromagnetic and gravitational fields coalesce and interact at the subatomic level. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle states that our understanding of the very very small is limited by the relatively big observation tools such as photons which we use which themselves alter the objects or the subjects which we are trying to observe.

That said applied science is revolutionalizing the world with internet communication and electronic devices such as smart phones and super computers run by relatively smart software. With the ability to modify or change our DNA we are really on the threshold of being able to change what it means to be human and/or robot in the first place.

Yes, the potential to basically change human nature is now a distinct possibility but GMO human nature is not a very emotionally satisfying result since an overabundance of mutant dysfunctional humans will probably result with perhaps a handful of useful mutations.

History repeats itself because human nature and emotionally charged language has not changed very much historically. It is time to make language less emotional, more logical, and less grammatically complex. My contribution on the road to this vital task is LOGICAL ENGLISH DICTIONARY which gives better definitions to existing words and eliminates the confusing world of multiple meanings for words and a sea of confusing synonyms and antonyms which makes learning a language very difficult and an overly lengthy process.

Progress in subjective psychology and the study of human behavior is unfortunately riddled with untruths since the words used are not defined accurately in the first place and any statistical investigations only provide ball park figure conclusions and no true cause effect relationships. Scientific analysis will never prove the need for a secular moral code to impulsively guide morality decisions in young humans because of it’s bias that all human behavior is relative to the cultural traditions which are being followed. I have also tried to use historical precedent and intuitive knowledge about science to come up with a universal secular moral code which can be applied worldwide despite any cultural biases which may currently exist.

It is- in nonemergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. Yes, the details or real life examples will have to be provided to impressionable young minds but I have also done this in many of my writings so you won’t have to start from scratch. Impulsively being able to know what is morally right or wrong is vital so that teenagers don’t always have to stop in their tracks and ask- Is what I am about to do right or wrong?

Western culture is manifesting signs of great moral decay in the form of promiscuous and hedonistic lifestyles, family destruction, and a sense of insecurity and distrust due to fake media, fake celebrities and fake politicians with too many not leading a moral lifestyle. Nothing short of a moral awakening can fix this dangerous state of affairs and no amount of forced egalitarian ideology or propaganda in the media and elsewhere can address this basic problem of moral uncertainty in society. Secular moral or ethical principles with real life examples must be taught in elementary school to all students in public schools and put into practice.

I wish that I could say that science will eventually prove the need for a secular moral code. Unfortunately inaccurate language, human nature, and social interaction is just too complex to be accurately experimented with and tested in the laboratory. There definitely will never be a scientific mathematical solution because there are just too many inaccurate dependent and independent variables in the mix.

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Discovery Education

Discovery: n. determining the existence of a subset(s) which has been in existence but is frequently generally unknown and/or to create a theory which can be used in reality

True discovery is something which exists in this world but you are the first to bring it to public or private attention as something which no one knew about before. Wilderness discoveries are still being made on a regular basis physically but the greatest discoveries are being made in science which is uncovering new principles of chemical and biological action or behavior.


Offspring are constantly discovering new things in their world for themselves as they adventurously, curiously, and creatively lead their lives. They are on a constant personal lifestyle of discovery and sharing the information with others.


The problem with most non-scientific undisciplined subjective liberal arts education is that it eventually stifles this creative, curious, and adventurous urge in offspring and many become emotionally driven impulsive subjective automotons as adults with much irrational behavior.

I highly recommend mini experimental science lab time in elementary school worldwide to nurture and logically direct this adventurous and curious offspring behavior about the physical world around them!!!!!!


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