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There are good and bad friends, very close friends, friends, and casual friends and all of them need a different approach.

The best friends are close friends with whom you can be honest, sincere, and develop dependable trusting relationships on a level of intimacy bordering on marriage. You frequently have frequent interaction with close friends.

Regular friends are humans with which you don’t interact so frequently and may not share your intimate secrets with for fear of public embarrassment or criticism.

Casual friends are humans with which you interact with on the job or see publicly but don’t know too much about.

If you and your friends are having lousy lives filled with failure, pessimism, and bad addictive lifestyles then it is time that you stopped the downward spiral, drop those bad friendships, and start looking for new or better ones.  Misery loves company and if you are miserable chances are that you have some miserable friends which trap you into your dysfunctional lifestyle.

If you are optimistic, happy, honest, sincere, and dependable then your chances of getting good friends who will trust, respect, and maybe even admire you will increase.

It is a fact of life that most of the best friends are humans around your own age, are of the same sex, have the same educational level, are in the same profession, have the same common interests, have similar incomes, and are single or married just like you.

 If you are unemployed or working at minimum wage, have a bad education, and have bad communication skills then don’t expect your friends to be wealthy, educated, with family, and interested in spending some of their time, energy, and money on you.

The truth is that good friendships frequently have many things in common and great differences in age or lifestyle are frequently not compatible.

Finally if you are unhappy, pessimistic, and unemployed with shitty friends then drop your shitty friends, get your shit together by Googling about your problems or getting professional advice, and only then start looking for new friends if you feel that you want them. Sometimes staying single without friends is the smartest thing to do until your job life and shitty feelings improve.


If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.




You can be honest, sincere, and truthful with close friends because they are honest, sincere, and truthful with you.

Close friends will accept you with your flaws and the mistakes that you make in life without advertising or gossiping about them with others. You can let your hair down or be yourself without fear that some of the bad thingsthat you do will become public knowledge in the future and threaten your reputation. They are loyal.

Close friends share at least one or more of your passions in life and sharing information and activities about those passions on a regular basis is what bonds you together.

Close friends will try to help you in times of need with reassuring emotional support, advice when needed, and occasionally even financial advice or help.

The farther away a close friend is and the less you interact or communicate with them on a regular basis the less intense your friendship becomes.


Conclusion: If you want a close friendship make sure you have one or more passions in common which you can share and discuss and participate in. Be honest and truthful with your friend but not in a mean or very critical way. Don’t gossip about any personal flaws, mistakes, hardships, and personal secrets which they may have.

Nurture your close friendship by investing enough personal time with your friend so that it doesn’t gradually fade and maybe even disappear through neglect.

If you have one close friend in life consider yourself fortunate because most people have no close friends!!!!!!

 If you liked this evergreen blog read more of them and read one or more of my evergreen books, especially COMMON SENSE.