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The basic sources for unhappiness are a difficult job, bad management, bad coworkers, and bad personal work and coping skills. Here in more detail I outline things which can cause you to be unhappy.

Comparing yourself to others.

If you compare yourself to coworkers and find out that they are smarter than you, get more work done, have a better relationship with the boss, have a happier family life, do more exciting or interesting things away from work, have a new car or bigger house, and travel a lot then you might begin to feel inadequate and the comparison can begin to become a source of dissatisfaction and unhappiness for you.

If you try to imitate them then you may get into debt up to your neck and then you will really have a reason to be unhappy. Comparisons can be a source for happiness and pride in oneself if you are better than your coworkers but if not then comparisons are very frustrating and can cause much unhappiness.

Obsessing over things which you can’t control.

If you worry too much about a failing company because of outdated practices or bad management or worry too much about bad coworkers making your life miserable then you will be unhappy. You can’t control company policy nor bad workers so don’t obsess about it and make your life unhappy. Instead start preparing or looking for a better job elsewhere.

Overcommiting yourself or your team.

Making promises above and beyond the call of duty which you or your team can’t fulfill will often result in failure and disappointment which will definitely be a source of unhappiness.

Making excuses for mistakes and failure.

You may blame a mistake or failure on insufficient time, too hard a task, bad advice or interference from coworkers, and problems at home and not try to avoid making the mistake or failing again a second time. Trying to avoid responsibility for your own failed actions will be a source of ongoing unhappiness.

Hating others.

A boss or coworker may greatly offend you with insults, put downs, name calling, humiliation, and ridicule once in a while. If you can change this then take action and if not it is best to try and forgive and forget instead of wallowing in hatred wasting time, energy, and health while feeling unhappy.

Wallowing in past mistakes and wrongs.

Spending too much time thinking about past mistakes and wrongs inflicted on you will make you unhappy. Instead try to learn from your mistakes and wrongs inflicted on you and move forward with courageous optimism trying to avoid a repetition of a bad past.

Trying to “win” every argument.

Trying to win every argument is unrealistically trying to show that you are never wrong. It is best not to argue in the first place which is a primitive way of forcing your opinion on someone. Give in sometimes and concentrate on what is to be done next rather than doggedly standing your ground and both feeling unhappy about the circumstance.

Wasting precious time and energy on malice and gossip.

Sometimes unkind and untrue rumors are spread about a human. Ask yourself how you would feel if the same gossip was spread about you. More importantly find out if the doubtful rumor is true before you spread it further because your honest reputation will suffer and it will be a source of future unhappiness if it is not true.

Worrying what others think of you.

If you have integrity then there is no reason why you should worry if others think less of you and feel unhappy about it. You can’t change their thoughts and frankly it is not your business to read other human minds in the first place.

Blaming others or your job for your unhappiness.

If you feel you have a bad job and/or bad coworkers who are making you unhappy then make the best of it and start preparing for or looking for a better job. Ultimately you are making yourself unhappy because you should be in charge of your emotions. Dissatisfaction with a working environment need not make you unhappy if you don’t let it.

A messy work area.

A messy work area means less efficient work ability causing wasted time looking for misplaced paperwork and objects which can be a source for some unhappiness.

Not taking time to daydream, relax, exercise in place, snack, or meditate on the job.

Nothing is more stressful on the mind and body with possible premature burnout than working feverishly without taking any breaks. The bad emotional and physical effects of overworking can make you very unhappy.

Not getting enough revitalizing sleep.

If you don’t get enough sleep at night your tiredness will adversely affect your work performance the next day and can cause much unhappiness with more mistakes and failure than usual.

Procrastination or wasting time.

Procrastination may mean not meeting a deadline or making mistakes and failing trying to rush a task in the last few hours or minutes. Bad work results can mean much unhappiness and being labeled as being lazy.

Not setting priorities.

Some tasks are more important than others and should be done first. Not properly prioritizing tasks means less efficient working resulting in bad performance and much complaining from management which will make you unhappy.

Being rude, arrogant, mean, deceitful, and disrespectful.

These are just some of the many personality flaws which you may have which will destroy good relationships with coworkers and may eventually get you fired by management causing great unhappiness either way.

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