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Computer algorithms try to guess what information we like and then try to feed us with more of the same. The result is that the algorithms try to pigeon hole us into static categories and feed the same information to us over and over again to the point of boredom which then becomes an annoyance.

In the case of a product the algorithm does not ask how long we will use the product, how long the product lasts, how frequently we use the product, and whether we were pleased with the product or would like to switch to a different one in the future. The result is that we are bombarded with the same or similar products over and over again without a break in time and great annoyance and dissatisfaction occurs.

In the case of an interest in a topic such as cooking, crocheting, car purchasing, job hunting, left or right wing politics, etc. the algorithms bombard you with those most recent topics over and over again. While you are interested in delving deeper into the topic or subject areas this bombardment is acceptable but most of us have other interests in life and we like to switch from one topic or subject area to the next on a weekly or monthly basis. The algorithms just don’t take your other interests in life seriously and don’t prioritize them based on your relative interest in them. If you recently express an interest in cooking then they assume that you are a cooking fanatic for life and if you express an interest in right wing politics then that is the information which you are fed on a repetitive regular basis.

If you use social media then you are bombarded with huge quantities of new friend suggestions and there is never an attempt at determining whether they are quality friends which may fit your interests and personality and that you would truly be interested in communicating with in the first place.

Big data and computer algorithms based on it are flawed when trying to predict what you like and want at a particular time in your life and the result is often getting information offers which are repetitive, boring, time consuming, and ultimately annoying to a human with a wide variety of interests in life. Yes, most average humans are relatively predictable and consume the same information in slightly altered form over and over again but computer algorithms are a nightmare for the Renaissance man or woman who is interested in a wide variety of information or many topics, subjects, and products.

Yes, I have an unusually great interest in a very wide variety of information and I have had much unsatisfactory feedback from social media such as Quora which is a question answering platform. I clicked three likes on Trump jokes and was fed a barrage of Trump jokes for the next month to the point of annoyance. What is the moral to this? Be careful what you like on social media because social media algorithms will assume that you love what you liked for a moment in time and will feed you more of the same to the point of exhaustion and annoyance.

Until algorithms start making decisions based on your long duration cellphone or computer usage I am afraid that your short term decisions will remain the primary emphasis of computer algorithms derived from big data. The internet will start seriously annoying you if you already are not annoyed.

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