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There is an untrue belief that one human messiah will come to save the world or the universe and then there will be peace on earth and justice will prevail. That one messiah would have to have supernatural powers so he or she could force humans to not behave in an irrational or illogical emotionally charged selfish way which is what humans are doing today with a severely flawed outdated language.

The truth is that we need more than one messiah to combat the lies and deceptions and untruths which make up current political, social, economical, educational, language, and scientific mythology or untruths.

The truth is that there are and should be millions more of true messiahs on this planet all trying to pursue the truth and then trying to apply updated truths in their lives and the lives of others.

If you are fighting courageously to promote the conservation of biodiversity and its expansion in this world then you are a messiah of the balance of nature truth.

If you are honest and sincere and truthful and change your beliefs about what you think is true when confronted with more logical alternatives then you are an evolving messiah of truthful living.

If you abhor deceptions, lies, and untruths in politics, society, economics, education, and science and try to do something about it in your personal life and your interactions with others then you are a good messiah of healthy trustworthy human interactions.

If you are fighting against inefficiency at home, in the workplace, and in society and think that trivial human pursuits pollute the planet too much by using up too many precious resources then you are a messiah of truth because nature abhors inefficiency.

If you think that stealing is morally wrong but that there should be a safety net for the unemployed and destitute and that they should have the opportunity to reeducate themselves at government expense for truly useful technological skills in the workplace then you are a messiah of truthful necessary human philanthropy.

If you believe that adultery is immoral in a marriage then you are a messiah of truth trying to preserve the just and efficient reproduction of humans.

If you believe that murder should be against the law unless it is in selfdefense  then you are a messiah of truthful human conflict.

If you believe that language should be updated to be less emotional and more logical with accurate definitions then you are a messiah of efficient language truth.

CONCLUSION: Modern politics, society, economics, education, language, and science is filled with myths or untruths and if you are courageously fighting against one or more of these myths then you are a member of the new army of messiahs which this world so desperately needs and you should be proud of the fact and should try to indoctrinate your offspring with a similar zeal. Also try to convince as many fellow humans to follow your newly discovered truths.

If you do this with courage and conviction maybe at some point in the near future you will have much more peace and justice on the face of this earth for both humans and wild animals and plants.

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