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Consume: v. to use and frequently deplete ingus

You can consume information and/or goods and/or services or ingus and the consumption means using a subset(s) and frequently depleting it or using it up to use the more common expression. You often consume food until it is depleted or all gone from the plate or hands and into your body.


Depleting a service is not intuitively obvious but you can think of it as using up the time during which the service is performed. Once the time is over or depleted the service is effectively gone or stopped.


For information which you use and reuse depletion is not that common but the flow of information can be interrupted and no more forthcoming until you pay more money so you have effectively depleted your right to more information temporarily. If you destroy information, forget it, or lose it permanently then you can consider it to be a form of depletion or total consumption.

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