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Contention: n. attempting to dominate physically and/or verbally by arguing

Arguing is really trying to dominate another human physically and/or verbally and anyone experiencing this is a victim of contention or contending.

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Conflict: attempting an action(s) against a lifeform(s) which may result in violence(s) but it is frequently an insoluble argument with different and frequently opposing beliefs and/or opinions


Fewer and fewer conflicts are violent confrontations where one party tries to gain physical dominance over another but there are many communication conflicts with opposing beliefs and/or opinions being expressed and frequently resulting in intense emotional arguments.


Conflicting opinions abound in life because we all have them. It is a wise human who can deal with conflict in a calm rational manner and tries to discuss rather than argue against a different opinion. With strong beliefs the best advice is frequently live and let live. You stay with your strong belief and I will stay with mine! Let’s move on to a different subject but not discuss the contentious one any more.

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