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Irresistible: adj. not resisting because a subset(s) is too powerful and/or (powerhful and/or attractive) and/or (tempting and/or convincing)


Theoretically almost no behavior is irresistible or something which you can’t say no to, with the exception of autonomic normal body functions such as sweating and heart beat and only temporarily can you resist a normal body function suchas peeing or defecating.  


You can say no to most irresistible behaviors but realistically you would be stupid trying to resist some irresistible things by saying no to them.


Some good and/or bad things are irresistible. Some are so inadvisable to resist that you can’t realistically say no to them.  A very good job offer may be so good that you would even quit a secure job with a good guaranteed income to pursue it so you can say that it is an irresistible job offer. 


There is a danger in many seemingly irresistible offers which are really too good to be true or bad and you can lose much money or even your reputation pursuing the irresistible offer(s).


A promised huge short duration profit is the deceptive irresistible con many can’t resist because of their basically greedy nature. Gamblers and financial investors are frequently enticed or tempted by promises of million dollar wins or over 10% returns on invested money. Much to their dismay many wind up losing the money instantly or become victims of Ponzi schemes where they lose all of their invested money or a major portion of their money after a few months or even a few years.


Some females and even males become so irresistible or so attractive to some opposite sex humans that the humans become obsessive stalkers and become guilty of criminal harassment.


Powerhful politicians, business humans, or celebrities can become so irresistible that they are hounded by loyal, devoted, followers who will do almost anything to get their autography, see them in person, or interact with them in some way personally.


Some kinds of military forces are so overwhelming with powerful weaponry and numerical superiority that they could be called irresistible and the enemy or opposing forces have been known historically to flee or surrender under such strong military power because it is irresistible.


For some males some females become so irresistible that they will spend much of their wealth on them to the point of bankruptcy trying to maintain the female’s attention or maintain sexual relationships with those females. This also applies to some wealthy single females who are coned out of their money by amorous irresistible male con artists who become irresistible to them.


An argument, a discussion, an attempt at persuasion, or an opinion(s) backed up with convincing facts may become so irresistible that agreement or belief in it or them is almost guaranteed.

Food and drink is irresistible because we all need some to survive physically.

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Convince: v. to persuade yourself without coercion using internal and external information

When you persuade yourself that a goal(s) is worth achieving then you have been convinced. You may impulsively eat or drink something which you are not convinced is healthy for you but you still do it because it is emotionally satisfying at that moment. You can do something bad and not be convinced that it is good for you to do.


Impulsive emotional reactions do not involve much logical thinking and they historically may have been started with some erroneous persuasion or convincing. What you are largely impulsively doing today is rooted in decisions and experiences which you made in the past and decided were the right thing to do at that time. Today your views of what is right may have changed but you are still being victimized impulsively by bad historical choices.


You may be convinced that your bad habits need change but you may not be able to develop enough selfcontrol to do anything about your pleasurable bad impulses or bad habits.


Convincing or persuading yourself is the eternal struggle of your impulsive self battling with your thinking self, trying to agree, and trying to make the right choices of what to do next in your life.


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The 8 myths are as follows and you may at first disagree or agree:


Great salespeople are fast talking pushy extroverts


Great salespeople have strong academic backgrounds


Great salespeople make great sales managers


You can transform a good salesperson into a great one


Great salespeople want to be promoted in the company


Great salespeople can sell anything to anyone and will be outstanding in any selling job


The internet eliminates the need for great salespeople


A great product or great engineering makes great salespeople unnecessary

There are some relatively rare exceptions to these rules or general principles because people are complex and not totally predictable in every circumstance. For example there may be the rare great salesperson who acquires a managerial education and goes on to become a great manager also.

There may be the relatively rare academician who also has developed people skills or is very good at communicating with people and can transform him or her self into a great salesperson.

There may be an internet ad or video which is so compelling and convincing that intervention by a great salesperson is not necessary and the product or service will sell itself without further human sales assistance.

Humans can have multiple skills and be good at more than one job or profession so absolute rules for them do not always apply.

The truth or general principles or rules about these 8 myths which have rare exceptions is written up in Inc.com by Geoffrey James whose link follows:


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