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Trump: Disarmed by Covid-19!!!

Trump’s strengths were political rallies of devoted followers, a decent economy stimulated by deficit spending, and establishment media coverage. Trump had a message which resonated with many Americans which was a border security to keep out illegals and criminals, and economic loss of jobs which was blamed on China.

Quick forward to today and the Covid-19 has radically changed the landscape of hope and optimism which Trump generated in and after the 2016 election. Gone are the rallies of devoted followers who were used as sources for signing up new Republican voters and lured in media coverage.

The economy is in shambles with unemployment through the roof and many small businesses destroyed on into the future with imposed restrictive practices or lockdowns. There is a fearful reduced return of old customers to social and business gatherings who fear for their health.

The establishment media has become Trump’s enemy and he no longer gives interviews with left wing media talking heads. Fox trying to give “fair” coverage to both the Democratic and Republican side further waters down Trump’s air time. A fundamental character bias against him may be getting stronger due to incessant negative establishment media coverage and minimum coverage of his speeches.

Mexico has helped with the border situation to some extent and the border issue is now virtually absent and seldom mentioned. Economic malaise is now blamed on Trump or China’s virus and promising trade negotiations with China are at a standstill.

A new threat to Trump has arisen due to Covid-19 and that is voter fraud which is a distinct possibility with the mail-in voting ballots and not the absentee ballots.

Covid-19 has disarmed Trump’s major strengths and he is frankly groping for a message which will resonate with voters, especially the independents or swing voters. He is pushing law and order but frankly most of the nation remains unaffected by protest marches and riots in the streets which are mostly confined to Democrat major cities. Trying to scare voter’s with Biden’s socialist or progressive tendencies is also largely ringing shallow since not too many Americans know what socialism and progressivism really is or are afraid of it.

Divide and conquer has been a famous military and political tactic used by Trump which seems to have truly divided the Democratic party and resulted in a fallback to establishment Biden and his globalist tendencies and coziness with China. How many of Bernie’s followers will actually even turn out to vote for Biden is debatable. If enthusiasm is a sign of victory then Biden and the Democrats have very little of it.

It’s the economy, stupid. The real swing voters in this election will be all those negatively affected in the entertainment industry, the travel industry, the restaurant business, and small businesses in general. If they blame Covid-19 and China for their financial problems and not Trump then Trump still has enough name recognition to make a go of it with a fighting chance.

If Trump is blamed for the economic malaise then it seems he may not win the election. The economy may improve slightly by election time but that seems unlikely to change the present and ongoing uncertainty of election results for 2020, especially in the battleground states. These are unprecedented times for election forecasting and frankly polls no longer have any accurate or reliable significance.


Covid-19 caused a worldwide panic with many lockdowns but no one really knew how deadly it was initially as a percentage of the population. Statistics from Germany suggest a half a percent of the population die but now it seems that there are some statistics which suggest it is not more deadly than the flu percentage wise. Sanity is slowly returning to the world and more courageous humans in face masks are resuming public activity.

It is not yet clear how many people are asymptomatic carriers of the disease and are contributing to the spread of the epidemic. Similarly, it is not known how long those carriers may be contagious. We may not ever know this because sampling scientific statistics with factual data doesn’t exist and will not exist since you can’t put humans in a laboratory environment and actually test them to get the answers for a real world environment.

Ignorance leads to fear and panic in a pandemic which really only means that the virus is worldwide and highly contagious.

I have come up with about 12 questions about the virus which still don’t have scientific answers publically available:

How long can Covid-19 live on clothing, skin, food, etc.

Where does covid-19 have to land to guarantee infection? On skin, in lungs, on lips, inside nose, inside mouth, or in eyes?

Can it be spread through food and how such as just by eating it?

Can one covid-19 virus infect you or do you need a handful or more?

How effective are a variety of face masks in protecting you?

Does hand washing remove 100% of the viruses or is it only about 99.9%?

If someone and you are wearing a mask is a distance of 1 or 2 feet sufficient rather than 6 feet?

What is most effective in killing the virus? soap, alcohol, ultraviolet light, etc.?

How do I know if I have come down with a mutant or less virulent form of covid-19 but not the original covid-19 without a test for it?

What is the actual percentage of deaths for the population as a whole since existing preconditions are responsible for higher death percentages amongst the elderly and those with immune deficiencies?

What are the preconditions which result in death with a covid-19 infection?

Is a vaccine only a temporary solution since covid-19 can probably eventually mutate into covid-20?

Ignorance abounds but once these and other questions are answered maybe we will be better prepared for the next pandemic.

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