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Counterfeit: v. to willfully and fraudulently steal the value of money and/or the value of a product with fraudulent manufacturing

Money counterfeiters try to outwit the government and new countermeasures are always coming with harder and harder bills to counterfeit with all kinds of new sophisticated techniques which make simple photocopying no longer feasible.

Fraudulent manufactured goods in this country are relatively easy to combat but those manufactured overseas which are believable copies and get imported are harder to stop and prosecute.

Ultimately the overly high price is the determining factor and if the price of luxury goods such as artistic work, expensive wines, and expensive fashion products is high enough the counterfeiting profit is also high enough and so is the incentive to counterfeit them.

That is why with worldwide trade ongoing vigilance against counterfeit goods will be a never ending battle on into the foreseeable future.

Your best insurance against counterfeit goods is buying from reputable retailers with a long standing reputation and not from fly by night internet retailers and newly opened private retail establishments who have yet to achieve brand recognition status. Remember, if the price of a product seems like a steal or too good to be true it is probably stolen or a counterfeit product. So beware!

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