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Knowledge: n. having mentally stored retrievable collection of (facts and/or theories) and/or (fictions and/or skills) and/or behaviors gotten by (perception and/or experience) and/or (memorization and/or reasoning) and/or (reading and/or a subset(s)) whether or not the correspondences of these (facts and/or theories) and/or (fictions and/or skills) and/or behaviors has been made and meanmaked

Meanmake: v. to communicate relatively accurately making a personal subjective and/or objective correspondence(s)

Knowledge is basically memorizing things or subsets such as information, data, skills, and experiences. Knowledge then is used to try and achieve goals in life. There is a saying that knowledge is power or the ability to do things. There are many humans doing things without much knowledge and they are severely handicapped because they frequently can’t reach the goals which they hope to achieve.


Education is the process of gaining knowledge and those with very little useful education are frequently the humans who have the most difficult time with living life in a technologically advanced world.


WHAT you know is frequently more important than HOW MUCH you know and many humans with liberal arts education are finding out that they know much about things which aren’t really very useful in life, especially when it comes to landing a good paying job. Quality knowledge is much more important than quantity knowledge.


Acquiring random knowledge may be fun to do but the key to success these days is learning specialized knowledge in a field which is in demand. Yes, there is knowledge about hobbies, pastimes, and trivia which you may learn in life just for the fun of it but it will frequently not be very useful in a professional career.

Book learning or knowledge will help you to make smart decisions but what you need to also know is human knowledge or how humans behave with a heavy emotional bias. Human skills or knowledge about human behavior can unfortunately mostly be learned with exposure to humans and interacting with them.

Only book knowledge about human behavior will not always be useful in everyday interactions with humans. Leaders need emotional skills to lead  or motivate humans successfully and those with only book knowledge frequently do a bad job of leading humans. Real world experiences with humans will teach you how humans really behave and it is detailed knowledge which you will seldom find in a book.

Coming from a family with many offspring or being very social in and out of school is the best training ground for emotional intelligence or knowledge about how to interact successfully with emotional humans.

Information: n. using data which can be communicated and which is frequently meaningful

Data: n. a collection of a subset(s) from which useful judgments may or may not be made


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Battery storage is a problem because you can only get so much chemical energy stored per unit volume in a battery and portable devices are using much electricity to produce the video and sound effects available on the devices. The result is that we are constantly recharging the devices and it is a pain in the butt which will plague us on into the foreseeable future.



The cloud offers the potential to store unlimited data which is accessible from anywhere but the network is still unreliable with things like data caps, corporate IT policies, and leet hackers. Until network accessibility becomes more reliable we need to continue using flash drives and DVD’s as data backups unless you use an online file backup company. A master’s thesis lost in the cloud is a very frightening reality.



Using unlimited vocabulary voice recognition programs are just about 80% accurate with little hope of getting any better unless words are taken and used from an allowed list of words which limits the freedom of expression. Words which sound the same but with completely different meanings used in complicated contexts seems to be the unsolvable problem which makes reliable voice recognition software impossible for now.



In an effort to prevent piracy content is frequently restricted to relatively few hardware devices. The rules for content usage vary from country to country so you no longer have the freedom of moving content to any device which you chose or sending it to any country which you chose.



Printers have many mechanical parts which frequently malfunction and use up ink voraciously. Until paper is replaced with some better alternative we are unfortunately handicapped with printer drawbacks.

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