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Holdup or Stickup:  n. willfully and nonfraudulently stealing a material possession(s) which is frequently done with the threat of force from a potentially lethal weapon(s) suchas a gun(s) and/or a knife(s)

Holdups have evolved to the point where mere showing of a consealed weapon is enough to frighten an unarmed citizen into parting with his or her wallet. It is time to make carrying a consealed weapon legal to any law abiding citizen so that they are not defenseless under such blatant criminality, especially in crime ridden neighborhoods where having a police escort is impossible for the average poor citizen.

Once convicted of robbery with a deadly weapon or a felony that human should no longer have the right to own a firearm for life and very strict prison sentences should be given to those breaking such a law. It is time to return the fear of retribution to the criminal element and no law abiding citizen should fear a criminal with a weapon, especially a convicted gang member who has used a lethal weapon in a holdup or other deadly crime.

Not everyone who has a right to carry a consealed weapon will choose to do so but if the frequency and number of those carrying one increases then the thief will hopefully think twice before attempting a holdup because the element of fear will be against him or her and not on their side.

An officer randomly frisking a convicted felon for a possible weapon should become legal procedure worldwide.

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