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Perhaps the most important reason people fail is because they don’t have the natural ability to succeed in an exceptional way. Your memory may not be that good which is important in managerial positions or you may not be energetic or self driven enough and may be lazy, a procrastinator, and always trying to take the easy way out. Yes, a great memory, being a fast learner, and being supper energetic are characteristics you often need to make an exceptional impact in life.

In sports it helps if you have been physically gifted with excellent coordination, endurance, great muscle memory, and strength. Yes, some humans are born with the right muscle structure and type to run the fastest and some of the best acrobats are born with natural flexibility much beyond the average. It is a sad fact of life that humans are born unequal with different natural strengths and weaknesses. It greatly helps if you are born with a high IQ or incredible physical abilities. Yes, without natural talent you still may be able to make it with smart hard work but you also run the risk of premature burnout mentally or physically. Yes, it is also true that without hard smart work a high IQ or great physical ability will be largely wasted and you may still not amount to very much in life.

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To understand dedication you must understand the difference between commitment, devotion, and dedication which all seem to have the same meaning.


Commitment is merely attaching yourself to a goal(s) for a duration and you may not be emotionally committed and not have much resolve to follow through with the commitment.


Devotion is a loving and loyal commitment which can last a lifetime and it is usually reserved for spouses, offspring, non- profit organizations, religious organizations, and sometimes business organizations. You can be devoted to making much money but that is a sad kind of devotion if good honest relationships with humans are not an integral part of your quest for much money.


Dedication is emotionally intense commitment to a goal(s) which means that you are frequently investing a relatively large amount of time, effort, and even money and the dedication lasts for a duration which rarely is a lifetime and is frequently much less than a lifetime or a relatively short duration compared to a lifetime.


Dedication: n. achieving a goal(s) with intense commitment and frequently with much use of time and/or effort and/or frequently money


Commitment: n. attaching to a goal(s) for duration


Devotion: n. frequently showing loyal and loving commitment and frequently investing a relatively large amount of (time and/or money) and/or effort into samer commitment


Loyal: adj. intense attraction to a goal(s) which is frequently a human(s) and/or organization(s) which is frequently devotion with love but sometimes devotion without love



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