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How to confront the lying Democrat ideology

The real problem with our Republic is that there is too much lying going on which is hurting the long duration trust in government, institutions, entertainment, authorities, and individuals with valid opinions. Who or what can you trust is getting harder with each passing year.

Trump was called a liar thousands of times and he was forced to use the term fake news to fight back at his opponents in the media. Well, the Democrats are in power and the lies continue only the shoe is rightfully on the other foot. The Democrats are liars par excellence and they should be called out for it in an aggressive way. Lie is a very strong word and leads to immediate confrontation and arguments without reason but fake is a possible appropriate word to use. Call the Democrats out on their fake news, fake information, fake statistics, fake polls, fake racism, fake systemic racism, fake white privilege, fake homophobia, fake misogyny, fake diversity, fake equity, fake accusations, fake prosecutions, and fake character assassinations. If something sounds like a lie then call it aggressively FAKE. Yes, governor Ron DeSantis calls 60 Minutes narrative “horse manure” so there are various other synonyms which can be used instead of fake.

Corporate money bags are in control, milking the public, and promoting the leftist Democrat ideological agenda. Hit them where it hurts and where they really care. Their bottom line! A good frontal attack would be to call for the defunding of specific sports and big time corporate profiteers such as Disney, Coke, Nike, etc. If all Republicans would stop supporting these woke pandering institutions with money their profits could fall by almost a half and their customer base could be almost halved in number. Defund BLM, ADL, CNN, MSN, New York Times and any institution with left leaning tendencies.

Historically conservatives have relied on a live and let live philosophy which must change if rational thinking, reasonable discussion, and the constitution is to survive. Politics is not the realm of rational discussion so a counter emotional appeal must be used. I am for a happy family life, your proposal is anti family. I am for responsible fiscal policy, your proposal is more deficit spending we can’t afford. I am for meritocratic education and job promotion, you are for ruining objective standards of excellence with diversity for diversities sake. I am for law and order, you are for illegal immigration and are soft on criminal behavior. I am for human rights and individual liberty, you are for tyrannical oppression and condone organizations which violate human rights like the CCP and terrorist Iran. I am for moral or ethical free speech, you are for censoring conservative viewpoints. I am for the right of law abiding citizens to own guns for self protection, you want a society where only law breaking criminals will have guns and will terrorize society at will.

Questioning must be aggressive. Define what you mean by systemic racism. Define what you mean by white privilege. Define what you mean by equity. etc. Defining doesn’t mean launching into a five minute biased opinion rant on what you think it should mean. If you can’t define the word or words used then you frankly don’t know what you are talking about. You could also then ask them to prove to you statistically that systemic racism and white privilege exists and is not a myth or a fake opinion. A knockout follow up question would be: What new laws would you advocate passing to eliminate this so called systemic racism and white privilege?

Yes, denial that leftist concepts are valid in the first place should be an effective antidote to the nonsense. A single or few examples of systemic racism or white privilege does not statistically prove that society as a whole has that problem. Stereotyping an entire race or group of humans based on a few examples is not a valid logical argument which rings false not true.

America is not a racist country according to Tim Scott a black US Republican senator. The sooner we start calling out the Democrats for their ideological BS the sooner we will start reversing the tide towards totalitarian rule by one party and a systematic assault on the constitution.

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Republican Versus Democratic Occupations

There are some predictable correlations between a person’s occupation and their political party affiliation.  A majority of doctors are registered Democrats, and shrinks are overwhelmingly so.  Surgeons are much more aligned with the Republican Party, as are hardy folk who actually create businesses and wealth, and build the energy and physical infrastructure that makes our society tick. Meanwhile, occupations oriented towards the Democrats are less essential to our thriving economy; they often have an artsy-fartsy bent that we’d be fine without.

I’ve run into plenty of doctors in a professional environment, and it finally dawned on me that they are rather rude and crude.  Concerned that I was being judgmental, I looked it up, and sure enough doctors have a well-earned reputation for being rude and obnoxious. It’s an interesting coincidence that a preponderance are also registered Democrats.

Not so surgeons, who are top of the heap of medical practitioners.  Their relentless and tireless efforts to save lives in the operating room are admirable, and their media briefings describing their hospitals’ mobilization efforts following tragic mass casualty events are inspiring in otherwise horrific circumstances.  Interestingly, of all the fields in medical practice, surgeons are the most likely to be registered Republicans.  Their conservative class just shines through.

At the other, lower end of the spectrum are psychiatrists, who are overwhelmingly Democrats.  This is unsurprising, since so many Dems are screwed in the head, and the shrinks and psychologists are almost as bonkers as their patients.  It just further corroborates that liberalism is a mental disease that mindfulness apps alone cannot thwart.

My experience is that non-practicing doctors who have been relegated to producing research and shuffling papers are particularly petty. There’s an affinity between many disdainful doctors and the disaffected Democrat donkeys:  both are infused with repulsive dark energy. Is it a Hippocratic Oath or a hypocritical one they take to foster such highfalutin demeanors? Their soul-destroying, “I know what’s best for you,” group consciousness ravages individuality.

It’s really disconcerting when these mean-spirited doctors leverage their biased research in the cause of social activism.  For example, by desperately searching for supposed evidence of disparity in health outcomes, while overlooking the plight of middle-aged white men whose mortality and morbidity rates are increasing at faster rates than for minorities.

There are some other interesting correlations between a person’s occupation and his party affiliation.  Indeed, research by Verdant Labs into the average political affiliations of occupations reveals that professions that contribute most to the vibrancy of our economy are Republican-dominated.

The sentiment behind defeatist (manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back) Obama’s “you didn’t build that” exhortation is anathema to our entrepreneurial spirit and free-market vitality.  Nowadays, the Dems’ most vociferous squawkers are even more contorted by socialist dogma.   No wonder those who build and fix stuff — business owners, loggers, home builders, truck drivers, oil workers, engineers, plumbers (remember good ol’ Joe?) — turn the other way.

A preponderance of those who wrestle comfort from a harsh environment are conservative.  It’s no exaggeration to say they help us surmount Thomas Hobbes’ description of life as “solitary, nasty, brutish and short.”  Industries like construction, farming, forestry, logging, mining, fossil fuels, construction, business formation and entrepreneurial endeavors are more GOP and contribute more to our GDP than most Democratic-dominated professions.

There is one notable industry that does enhance our productivity, even though they are riddled with wayward leftists — online computer services.   They may be tech savvy, but they lack perspective, experience, and sagacity. They’re preprogrammed by liberal orthodoxy, but they’ll rue the day that a socialist dictates how to run their business, invest their profits, or restrict stock buybacks.

The effete, nonproductive types who consume and pollute like heck while telling the rest of us to cut back are also likely to be Democrats.  For example, sculptors, yoga instructors, floral designers, environmentalists, librarians, social workers, activists (that’s actually a job title?), comedians and professional poker players don’t just veer left, they are absolutely and unswervingly full-steam ahead leftists.  These people slop at the government trough in industries like academic administration, social science, “research,” union organization, art, education and media production.

Notably, mental health professions are overwhelmingly dominated by Democrats, as the anti-Trump zealots require much more therapy than a faddish calmness app provides. Neither is it surprising that floral designers and sculptors, for goodness sakes, are airy-fairy liberals.  But comedians?  Given that most Dems are humorless and dour, it’s ironic they stagger left.  But there are liberal tears behind the clowns like Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin, as there’s plenty of evidence that its conservative values that actually lead to happiness.

Human Resource executives (expand the Business Leadership icon) are also firmly entrenched in the liberal quagmire.  In fact, their encouragement of victimhood does a disservice to the increasing numbers who teeter on the cusp of madness.   Policies like “perception [of harassment] is reality” and “if you feel it [hostile work environment] it must be true” perpetuate a guilty-until-proven-innocent ethos.  Under this H.R. totalitarianism, the straight males are seen as Matt Lauers. This merely perpetuates a hostile work environment by fomenting even more anxiety and distrust.  Indeed, employees withdraw to mindfulness rooms rather than engage, and managers are reluctant to mentor lest a subordinate concocts complaints.

In their zeal to quell toxic masculinity, H.R. executives encourage cognitive distortions that undermine the proven tenets of cognitive behavioral therapy. Speaking of distortions… shrinks always come to mind.  They are solidly in the Democrat camp, which, given their dark ruminations about toxic masculinity, also makes sense.  It largely goes unmentioned, but does it seem there’s an upsurge in toxic femininity, but without the beneficial side effects?

The evidence is pretty decisive:  the industries that create most jobs (tech giants create relatively few) and wealth are predominantly Republican.  So are the best doctors. Those who purvey propaganda over social media, taint search results, corrupt newsfeeds and monopolize our computers, are largely Democrats.  So too are the occupational groups who slurp at the government trough, and the less esteemed doctors with a malignant outlook.  As for the shrinks, well, they’re so messed up they’re firmly entrenched in Hillary and Nancy’s delusional reality.

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Social justice is group or collective justice and it is often not justice for the individual who is demonized for not going along with “group think”. Individual rights are oppressed by social justice warriors who create a noxious label for you and then proceed to attack and try to destroy you with name calling and guilt by association.

If you are not a Democrat or an establishment sympathizer then you run the risk of being called a racist, misogynist, sexist, rapist, or homophobe and politically labeled as a Nazi, Fascist, or Alt Right sympathizer. The educational establishment and big corporations like Google are already blacklisting humans with conservative inclinations and smaller groups within the organization sabotage your work and don’t promote you if you are not “politically correct” in your political views.

Religious intolerance has been replaced by political or ideological intolerance with a dogmatic zeal to suppress opposing political views and not permitting even the debate or discussion of the topic in educational classes.

The Democratic political, blacklisting, corrupt bias of the entertainment industry has even filtered down into sports and it has ruined comedy too. There is no longer a wholesome moral cultural consensus as to what is right or wrong and the promiscuous, drug promoting celebrities are no longer revered and respected by the vast majority of the population. Political and cultural leadership has been corrupted by big money and many are no longer admired and respected because they are fundamentally leading immoral lives.

Without a widely promoted common morality, cultural cohesion in the long duration is not possible and no amount of collective propaganda or imposition of ideological beliefs will make the chronic situation better.

There are some optimistic discussions in the alternative media which make a lot of sense or are bastions of the truth in a sea of fake news and ideological intolerance.

I personally like the Rubin Report and occasionally listen to YouTube videos by Styxhexenhammer666, Sargon of Akkad, and interviews of Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, etc.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 4300 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EVERGREEN TRUTH, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

For a complete readily accessible list of blogs and titles go to twitter.com/uldissprogis.


If you enjoyed this blog then here is a list of my most popular ones which you may also enjoy!!!